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Blessings this Week: 05.20.2016 Edition

Something very interesting happened the other day.

Someone "re-tweeted" one of my posts on Twitter.

I know! Crazy! I'm barely on Twitter at all- most things that I tweet are scheduled because I just don't really "get" Twitter in the first place, and I don't have time to mess around over there, honestly.

But this person (someone I don't know at all), tweeted my post from yesterday- the one with the spring tour of our little farmplace.

They added the comment (I'm paraphrasing),

People like this who drive through life like it's 85 and sunny with the windows down when the world is falling apart... 

and then he (or she... couldn't tell by the username) virtually shook their head at me.

SMH, indeed.

Because yes, I like to tell you about the beautiful things in life, but that doesn't mean that I don't see the hurt. I'm living a little of that hurt, myself. No, the world isn't perfect and rosy. It'll just keep on falling apart until Jesus comes back.

I do believe, though, that to truly enjoy the gifts of God in this life, the ones we're living right now, we need to notice. We need to find the small blessings, because those little glimpses of God's love are really what this life is about. We can't find joy in our today unless we express gratitude for the gift of today. 

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

This past weekend, we got a visit from Kiwi (no, her name's not really Kiwi, but cute nickname, right? That's what Trevor calls her...).

She stopped in on the coldest day of the week and we forced her to pick asparagus with us in the wind. Because we love her. And maybe a little bit because I was very excited about having asparagus.

But really, it was such a nice visit! Having sisters- a total blessing.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

We were a "foster family" for these two little furballs of mischief until Wednesday. 

I took way too many pictures of them. Because when you've got baby kitties, you've gotta take advantage of all the cute. 

So, so sleepy. 

They made it to their forever home on Wednesday afternoon, where I'm sure they're getting lots of love. 

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

A rainy, cold weekend wrapped up with a double rainbow.

So beautiful.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

This week has been nice and sunny, perfect for the grass to grow and all the trees to burst in leafy goodness. 

Wasn't it just yesterday when everything was cold and white and dead? Our God the God of Rebirth. 

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

I stumbled across this "family meeting." 

They didn't like me standing so close. "No photographs, please!" they requested, loudly, but I'm a rebel. (Snort) 

...   ...   ...   ...   ...


Just in case you missed it!
This week here on the blog, we heard from my dear friend Cryss, who explained why all those details about the Tabernacle in the Bible, which seem super boring at first, are actually so beautiful very and meaningful. It's a great post, and I'm so honored that she chose to share it with me! 

I also gave a super quick springtime tour of our little farmplace, complete with thrilling pictures of... grass. And a dog who hasn't figured out how to not photobomb every picture. 

Maybe you're feeling a little that that Twitter-er (tweeter? twitt-ist?). Maybe you're having trouble finding the beauty amid all the mess. The world seems dark, and scary, and stressful. 

I challenge you, today. Stop. Take a moment. Notice the good things around you, the beauiful things in your day. 

It makes a difference. 

Find those blessings. 

Have a great weekend!

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