Small Wonder

In this moment...

I could worry about germs

I could be concerned about splinters

I could think about how I really should sand and refinish our front porch


Makers Gonna Make

This little corner of the internet has been pretty quiet this summer.

Writing here on this blog has been an awesome creative outlet for me, but with a little baby sucking up most of my mental energy, words have been... not... coming. (See? No vocabulary left.)

My daily allotment of words have been going to these sentences:

"No no, that is not a safe activity. Find a safe activity, please!" 
"Happy guy! 
"Do you want to nurse? Nuuuuuuurrrrrrse?" 
"Cords are not for babies!"
"Biiiiiiig boy! Biiiiiiiig boy!"

And after saying those things over and over all day, there's not much left in my brain for blogging.

But! I've been spending my summer pouring creativity out elsewhere.

Here's what I've been making this summer!


Cow's It Going? : a bovine adventure

Today, during our usual living room playtime, I noticed cattle in our pasture.

This wouldn't be a problem.... except that our pasture isn't supposed to have cattle in it. Currently, it's got about 50 little delicate baby trees that might make a delicious snack for some cattle. And also, there's not a good fence between our pasture and the cornfield, so these cows-gone-rogue could get themselves good and lost in the cornfield pretty easily.

Trevor got out the four-wheeler and it was off to get some cattle back home.