Gradient Dyeing (or 'Ombre' Dyeing) a Woven Wrap Using the Siphon Method

how to gradient dye a woven wrap how to ombre dye or grad dye a woven wrap siphon method

When I made my first DIY woven baby wrap carrier, I decided that I didn't want to dye it (at least not right away). Part of my reasoning was that the baby was already born and ready to be worn when I made my first wrap, and I was antsy to get started wrapping him, and partially it seemed a little daunting... so I just kept my wrap natural. I've worn my baby in a "natty" wrap for the past five plus months, and I love that wrap. The one thing that's not ideal about my natural wrap is that it's hard to tell which rail is which, so learning new carries requires extra close attention, and tightening can be a little tricky sometimes, too.

When my sister in law mentioned that she might like me to make a woven wrap for her, though, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to do some experimenting with dye. I asked her if she'd prefer a certain color, and when she said she'd maybe like pink, I fell down the rabbit hole of different dye colors and methods and I neglected all my responsibilities doing research.

So, after lots of research and planning, I decided to go with a gradient (or "grad") dye, rail to rail.


How to Make Your Own DIY Woven Wrap

tutorial how to make a woven wrap DIY baby carrier

I love wearing my little guy.

Babywearing has become something of an obsessive hobby for me lately-- it's wonderfully practical, of course, but trying different carries and different ways to wrap up my honey is a fun challenge and I've really enjoyed spending way too much time watching tutorials and trying new things. I have a stretchy wrap (a Moby) that was given to me, and it was my gateway wrap, but stretchies are a little limited in types of carries, so I've been using a woven, too.

And, get this... I made it myself.


This Week: 05.18.2018

Grateful For: A wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

We went camping-- the first time camping with little E-- and it was just such a great weekend. Despite the rain and cool weather, we had a really great time.


This Week: 05.04.2018

And just like that, it's May already! Wasn't it snowing like 20 minutes ago? How can it be May?!