Blessings this Week: 07.28.2017

This week flew right by with to do lists and activities and a whole lot of preparing for the next couple months... and in the middle of the busy, finding the blessings slows life down a bit.

And I need that, this summer!

...   ...   ...


Blessings this Week: 07.21.2017

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize, in the span of just a moment, how very blessed you are?

I have those more often... and not usually at profound moments or in big sun-rays-through-the-clouds type situations, but in small things.

Like, this week? Breakfast pizza on a Wednesday.


Saving My Sanity in the First Trimester

pregnancy morning sickness first trimester anxiety three months pregnant

As soon as that second line showed up on that pregnancy test, my anxiety level went through the roof.

Infertility has tossed me into a community with lots of testimonies of all the struggles of early pregnancy- HCG levels, low progesterone, spotting and heart rates and all the things that could go wrong. I knew more than many people about all the risks facing me, and man. I worried.

So I spent most of my fifth week of pregnancy researching symptoms, reading forums, freaking out, hanging around in the comments section of Pregnant Chicken, crying for no real reason (thanks progesterone injections!), and googling "How Not To Freak Out First Trimester."

Obviously, it was a very productive week. Ha. I got even less productive about a week later when I added morning sickness into the mix. Feeling crummy and getting stuff done do not jive well.

Now that I'm (finally) past the first fourteen weeks, I've been looking back at some of the more healthy ways I coped with the stress and sickness that came along with those first few months.



devotion control surrender Christian short reading devo about trusting God

Tonight, after we got home from work, my husband Trevor and I got into a fight.

The reason for our big blow out?

Well, I partially blame pregnancy hormones (because man, they are a-raging...), but really, the conflict surrounded a camping trip. A bachelor-party-type camping trip that Trevor's been planning for his cousin. I'm not even going. But see, the issue was that my husband, in getting ready for this trip, was doing everything wrong.


Blessings this Week: 07.14.2017

My flowers are blooming and I'm choosing to ignore the weeds... because it's more important to focus on blessings than on to-do lists and conflicts and issues. And usually, I'm really good and finding the conflicts and issues. Finding blessings takes practice.


Christmas in July!

We had a very busy weekend... because it was Christmas!

With my family spread out in Kansas and Iowa, and with us in Colorado over the holidays, we didn't get a chance to have my side of the family's annual Christmas party this year. So we decided to turn the calendar on its head and have Christmas in July, instead!


Blessings this Week: 07.07.2017


It's been quite a busy week- chock full of fireworks and friends and family, and of course, full of the many gifts God has given us.
...   ...   ...

Rescuing a turtle who was crossing the road...


Pregnancy After Infertility

Being pregnant after years of infertility has been complicated in ways I didn't expect

Pregnancy after years of infertility is hard.

It's complicated in ways that I didn't expect. While lots of newly pregnant ladies are busy looking up bassinets and bonnets, I spend much more time researching potential issues and learning how to do injections. Financially, emotionally, physically... being pregnant after dealing with infertility is just different.

Granted, we've been very, very blessed with a healthy and easy pregnancy so far- I'm sure that many of my formerly infertile sisters could add many things to this list that I've been fortunate enough not to experience- but I've found that so far, the biggest differences are medical stuff, fear, jealousy, and guilt.