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Blessings this Week: 07.28.2017

This week flew right by with to do lists and activities and a whole lot of preparing for the next couple months... and in the middle of the busy, finding the blessings slows life down a bit.

And I need that, this summer!

...   ...   ...

A generous sister-in-law with a big garden

...   ...   ...

Our nephew got first place for the pedal tractor pull- taking after his uncle Trevor! We wish we could have been there, but seeing the video was the next best thing!

...   ...   ...

Our dog, Bear, has been doing really well with sticking around our property when he's off his leash-- we had some trouble with that last summer. After his walk one night, I let him off the leash for a minute, and he took off running. I was a little concerned... since last time he took off, we finally found him more than 2 miles away, but nope- he went straight to the pond, where he stood in the water for about ten minutes, just looking as content as could be. Just needed to cool off a bit.

...   ...   ...

Last weekend, we camped with family and celebrated Trevor's birthday (I think the nieces and nephews were far more excited about his birthday than he was!)

...   ...   ...

Tons of barn swallows hanging around our little farm

...   ...   ...

I had an eye doctor appointment this week- and boy am I grateful for glasses and the ability to see well with only a little extra help. And a new pair of glasses will be debuting in six to ten business days!

...   ...   ...

25 weeks with our little one! I'm starting to have some trouble getting into bed (granted, it's a high bed...), and feeling lots of kicks.

The heat and humidity have been getting to me a little more this week, and I'm grateful for air conditioning!

Have a great weekend-- and count your blessings!

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  1. With the heat, perhaps you could join Bear in cooling off in the pond!! The summer I was pregnant I was happiest in the pool.