Seven Quick Takes : still staying home, blessings everywhere, sourdough starter, long-standing projects, and more staying home

Well, well, here we are. Still. We're still here. At home.

Like I've said before, for a stay at home mama homebody, there really weren't too many changes to my daily life. Trevor still goes to work... he's not really exposed to people at work this season of the year, anyways... It's pretty steady-as-she-goes around here.

But now, more than a month in, cancellations are starting to make an impact on us.


We'll Be Home for Easter : gearing up for a very unusual Resurrection Sunday

Well, this is going to be unusual.

I mean, the past month or so has been pretty unusual in itself, hasn't it? But there's something about drastically changing a big holiday that really emphasizes how different life is right now. This COVID-19 thing has affected daily life for so many, and I know that our minimally disrupted routine is not the norm and that we're very, very fortunate, but I can't help but feel a little sad as Easter approaches because our traditional celebrations just won't be happening.

Usually, we spend Easter with extended family. All the cousins play and do an Easter egg hunt on Trevor's side of the family, and on my side of the family we have Easter baskets and the fierce competition of the Egg Rolling Contest. And of course, lots of food at both celebrations. Family, food, fun, and most importantly, remembering the incredible gift of Christ, risen from the dead to save us from our sin.

But this year will be very different. We will be celebrating as just our little family at home.

You know what, though? The most important things won't change at all. Jesus Christ rose, whether we celebrate it with huge, loud, super fun family gatherings or not.

So. After feeling a little bit sorry for myself that my favorite holiday won't look the way it usually does, I set to work planning our own little celebration to make Resurrection Sunday a joyful, memorable day right here at home.

Here's what we've got planned :