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Seven Quick Takes : still staying home, blessings everywhere, sourdough starter, long-standing projects, and more staying home

Well, well, here we are. Still. We're still here. At home.

Like I've said before, for a stay at home mama homebody, there really weren't too many changes to my daily life. Trevor still goes to work... he's not really exposed to people at work this season of the year, anyways... It's pretty steady-as-she-goes around here.

But now, more than a month in, cancellations are starting to make an impact on us.

The one that has me probably the most bummed is that little Koben is turning one in just a few days. For Evert's birthday, we combined his birthday party and church dedication and had a big bash. It was a great way to celebrate.

Koben, the poor guy, will have a quiet celebration. No big party -- not right at his birthday, anyway. I know he won't remember and we are planning to have a big party whenever this thing is finally over, but it still makes me kind of sad.

Last week, the Bible Camp where Trevor works (and I used to work before the boys came) announced they wouldn't be doing summer camps this year. Now that - that is a huge change. Granted, last year I was very out of the loop at Camp and only got there a couple of times all summer, but I was anticipating being able to spend more time this year. I was planning to have counselors over for supper a couple Friday nights. Stuff like that. Camp has been a part of our summers for eight years now. It'll be really different to not have that same energy or structure to the summer.

Even with the blows to my plans and expectations, I know we're very fortunate. Trevor still has his job. That's huge. And my sweet little boy will be turning one, even if we don't get to have a big party right now. Blessings everywhere.

...   ...   ...

Speaking of Koben.

He's getting so big so fast! He waves hi and bye, and has started to sign "All Done!" when he's is finished at mealtimes. He loves playing peek-a-boo, has lots of fun with balls and trucks, and has really enjoyed the lovely weather lately, especially when he goes to "supervise" Daddy in the garage. He also smacks his lips together when he hears the word "kiss." But really only wants to kiss Evert.

Mower Maintenance Supervisor

Koben's not walking yet, but he's a super speedy crawler and pulls up to cruise around the house holding on to furniture.

It's been really fun to see his and Evert's relationship now that they can somewhat communicate. The other day, I was cleaning off the lunch table while they played in the living room. One would giggle, then the other would giggle in the same tone... and back and forth. I told Evert that it sounded like he was having a good time playing, and he told me they were playing a game. "Koben and me playin the Silly Game!"

...   ...   ...

I read somewhere on Facebook (I think it was on The Gingered Whisk's stories, maybe?) :

"Sourdough starter is like the Tomagotchi or Digipet of 30 year old women."

Um, yes. 100% true.

Jane Dough

The only real different is that so far, my sourdough starter is still alive and maturing. My Tomagotchi died a death by starvation was nine -  in my pocket around Christmas when I couldn't feed it in time because I was helping carry a Christmas tree back to the van. The sourdough starter appears to be much heartier.

And it's growing, despite my forgetting to feed it a couple times and the fact that our house is a bit cooler than recommended. I briefly considered hanging it around my neck so it could get some extra body heat, but then decided I'm touched out enough as it is.

Hopefully I don't kill it and we'll be having some yummy bread soon!

...   ...   ...

Most of the crafting stuff I try is short-term. Like, I usually work on projects that take like a week, tops. Making baby carrier wraps, dyeing fabric, little embroidered baby toys... It all takes a week ish.

Longer, more involved projects get pushed to the side. Or forgotten about.

That's not to say I don't have any long term projects... I mean, raising children is a big "project" that'll take at least 18 years...  but as far as fun crafty projects go, I lean towards quick ones.

Which means I have a couple very involved, long standing projects that have been pushed to the side and are waiting in bins in my storage room.

Pile O' Old Pants

Like this one.

I started "The Maintenance Man Quilt" about seven years ago. Trevor goes through clothes pretty fast, and after the second round of patches per pair of pants, I toss them in a bin to cut up for an eventual quilt. The bin would overflow, I'd cut them into squares and out em in a different bin, and so on. So I have a lot of squares, and a lot of destroyed pants, and nothing else to show for it.

So I decided to sew some blocks together.

I've got four done. 32 to go. Long term project, I tell ya. If both boys are sleeping, I can do about half a block during naptime, after my other naptime jobs. If. If (IF) both boys are sleeping.

Which hasn't happened as much as usual, because....

...   ...   ...

Evert has moved to a big boy bed.

Well, some of the time.

About 50% of the time, he starts in the big boy bed and ends up back in a pack n play because he a) won't stay in his room, b) falls out of bed and can't figure out how to get back in and cries, even though his bed is just a mattress on the floor at this point, or c) goes into his brother's room and shouts "playtime, Koben!!!"

Told me "Making lunch! We having magazines for lunch!"

This morning, Evert was up at 6. A full hour and a half earlier than usual. He immediately headed to Koben's room, and I heard Koben's protests about being woken so early. By the time I got up there, Evert was standing next to Koben's crib, reading a book (he has it memorized) and showing Koben the pictures.

We've been a little short on sleep this week.

...   ...   ...

We planted some flowers in pots around the house this year, and I'm hoping that something comes of it! We'll see!

We planted from seed (because #cheapskate) and so far, I don't have any little sprouts. But Evert has had a fantastic time carrying water around to water the dirt pots.

Along for the ride to water flowers

We did have one vandal... something dug the dirt out of one of our pots. Trevor thinks it was probably a skunk. Yikes.

But Evert has been taking about "somebody digging in the POT" for the last five days. He thinks it was "probably a guy. Or probably an excavator. A little excavator and a little guy." So. I like his theory better.

...   ...   ...

One thing that's really changed -- we usually go out to eat at least once a week, and that hasn't been happening. I've actually been doing pretty good with my meal planning, but my two-week rotation has been getting a little stale.

I have a bunch of cookbooks, though. And I almost never open them.

So I decided to crack em open and try some new things from each one. These past couple weeks, I've been pulling meals from the "Sioux Center Schools Cookbook" -- so far, we've done an egg bake, BBQ pork meatballs, a taco casserole, and a muffin recipe. All of them have been pretty good. And I'm finding that a premade breakfast (muffins, egg bake) helps my mornings run a little more smoothly.

Evert is also working on his recipes - this is a drink he made for me. He says it tastes like fruit. 

And that's what we've been up to lately!

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  1. I filled in for the owner at a B&B twenty years ago and she had a recipe for French toast that she made the night before and baked in the morning. Her guests would ask for it when they booked another visit. It was made in a lasagna kind of pyrex dish ( I forget what they are called...) and I recently saw a recipe for it and am going to make it again. It doesn't need any syrup over it as it is just wonderful the way it is. So easy for a busy baker or busy mom! I just found a recipe and here is the link: . It's amazing and you can tailor it to your family's tastes. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy your newletters! (that's a LOT!) Shalom, Marilyn