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Quick Takes : only delayed by a year or so

Well, well, well. 

It's been a while, huh? 

I'm back (for today, anyway), coming atcha with some quick takes from this week. 

---   ---   ---

Since it's been nearly a full year... I suppose I should do a super quick update on how everyone is doing. 

We're all good. 

Trevor is still working at camp and is also putting in some "freelance" hours doing all kinds of stuff. The work flexibility he has during this season of life is such a gift. I'm still staying at home and doing laundry. Always doing laundry. 

The boys are growing healthy and strong and too fast, and we were blessed to add a little lady to the crew in January. (See, its been a while. I wasn't even pregnant the last time I wrote here.)

Her brothers are smitten. For good reason. We all agree, Ayla is pretty great. 

---   ---   ---

In September, we started doing some me very light preschool with Evert. He loves it. 

Koben gets to be involved with some of it, too, and even though he's not much of a talker, we can see the wheels turning and he picks up on stuff so quickly. 

We've been way less consistent with "school" than I'd hoped, what with me being big and pregnant and tired, and then on 'maternity leave'... but we started back up in earnest again last week and I'm hoping that we'll keep it up. 

---   ---   ---

This week we got some seeds started for our garden (with the help of Evert and Koben to to transport dirt in their dump truck). 

My garden goal this year is to get five tomatoes. Lofty, I know. My "brown thumb" will be super excited if we meet it. Keeping the expectations low. 

---   ---   ---

Each of the boys has a "woobie" - just a simple one-layer security blanket with hemmed edges. We were also given gorgeous quilts and blankets for each of our kiddos, too, but the woobies are just so handy.

Evert's was given to him by his awesome auntie, and I love how nice and thin and small it is - perfect for travel because it doesn't make up much space, so tossing it in the van for road trips works great. 

I liked Evert's so much that I found a similar blanket for Koben. Again, not too big, nice and light. Koben is quite attached to his woobie. 

Now with little Ayla, I decided to make her a woobie, too. So I bought some flannel, then realized that I hadn't bought enough... so my simple blanket that I just had to hem became a bigger project... long story short, I just finished up her woobie this week, which actually is more of a light mini quilt after all. 

---   ---   ---

So that's what's been going on around here this week! 

Until next time (hopefully "next time" will be sometime this year, yet! Ha!), take care and find the blessings! 

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