Blessings this Week: 10.20.2017 and 10.27.2017

I'll be totally honest... these past two weeks have had their great moments, but they've also had some hard moments. 

And while in the middle of it, it's difficult for me to see the blessings and trust the One who sends them. But just like this earth He's created, there are seasons for everything- and when sorrow lasts for the night, He promises joy in the morning. 

The fields are emptying- no more soybeans by my house! It's incredible how the landscape changes after harvest.


Blessings this Week: 10.13.2017 Edition

It's somehow Friday again, and it's somehow already the middle of October, and I'm not sure where the time went or how this week has flown by, but the leaves are changing colors all around me and sometimes I feel like I'm missing it.

Counting blessings helps me cling to each moment, noticing, being present before it passes by.

Because goodness is it going fast.


I Hate Periodic Breathing, and Other Confessions of a Preemie Mom

So many of our friends and family have told us that we seem to be doing remarkably well, given the circumstances. And yes, we have managed to stay generally upbeat, keep our sense of humor, and cling to faith during our NICU stay with our teeny tiny premature son (born at 32 weeks).

But honestly?

This hasn't been easy.

nicu life confessions parenting preemie baby infant premature baby struggles with mental health after having a premature baby

I've been really working to stay positive, clinging to the blessings, praising God for each and every step in the right direction... but it's hard. And I think that acknowledging the difficulty will help me work through it and recognize the blessings more readily. And if you're a preemie parent, too, hopefully reading this will give you a little reassurance that you're not alone in how you're feeling.


Little E's Birth Story

As the nurse and anesthesiologist lifted my now completely numb legs onto the operating table, it finally started to hit me...

This is happening.

After a very short 32 weeks, I was about to meet my baby.