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Blessings this Week: 10.20.2017 and 10.27.2017

I'll be totally honest... these past two weeks have had their great moments, but they've also had some hard moments. 

And while in the middle of it, it's difficult for me to see the blessings and trust the One who sends them. But just like this earth He's created, there are seasons for everything- and when sorrow lasts for the night, He promises joy in the morning. 

The fields are emptying- no more soybeans by my house! It's incredible how the landscape changes after harvest.

...   ...   ...

Our little guy had some health challenges this past week- a virus (they think...) had him out of commission for a few days, and made me an anxious mess. But I'm so grateful that this happened while we were still here, and that the doctors and nurses have the knowledge to help make him well again.

My baby is such an inspiration to me-- which is kind of a strange concept. He's just so resilient in the face of all these not-so-fun things, like shots and having an IV in his forehead. I can't imagine going through everything he's gone through, and I'm an adult. He's one tough little guy. 

...   ...   ...

My baby has the best dad in the whole world. I love seeing my husband in the role of father... it's so natural for him. 

...   ...   ...

I have been staying overnight at the NICU since we got here- so, more than a month, now. This past week, I went home for a few nights- and while it was incredibly hard to leave my little guy, it was so good for me. I really needed the break and the rest, and it was just so nice to be at home and feel like myself again.

...   ...   ...

One of the former NICU families celebrated their little one's second birthday by bringing receiving blanket "cupcakes" for all the current babies in the NICU. Such a sweet idea, and so encouraging.

...   ...   ...

Now that our baby is feeling better and the virus is mostly passed through, he's spending a little more time awake. And even more excitingly, he's started to really catch on to eating on his own and is finishing his bottles pretty often, now. One step closer to going home.

...   ...   ...

We've had lots of visitors these past few weeks, and every one of them has brought me such encouragement. It's so nice to get out of my mental bubble for a while. 

...   ...   ...

Our nurses continue to be just awesome. I was totally conked out asleep one night- so the nurse took care of all of the baby's changes and feedings (I slept through the entire process...)

I found this note taped to my chair in the morning.

They are rooting for our little man as much as we are.

Count your blessings, and have a great week!

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  1. Your little guy is soooo adorable! And what a fighter he is. God is looking down on you and your little family and will keep you in His hands.

    Blessings from Ann in Lake Havasu, AZ.

  2. Allyson...You and Trevor are amazing parents and little E...he is ready growing into into a fine healthy little baby boy. I think of you and pray every single day !!! Love and a million hugs,,Aunt Cathy