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This Week: 05.04.2018

And just like that, it's May already! Wasn't it snowing like 20 minutes ago? How can it be May?!

Grateful For: A good doctor visit for Trevor, a great grandma and auntie to watch little E while we had to be gone (he had a blast getting grandma snuggles and watching his super fun cousins!). I'm also grateful for the fact that a family issue on my side of the family being resolved and everything starting to settle back down there.

Amused By: Little E is definitely a huge fan of his cousins. He LOVES all the attention and noise, and especially liked watching his little tiny baby cousin. So sweet. I'm sure that as they all grow up together that they'll be good buddies.

And E also got to sit in his cousin's Jeep... so... that was awesome. 

Surprised About: I was kind of thinking that after being gone all day, E would be very happy to see me when I was able to return... but nope! He was too busy to care much- Gramma had a good book to read/chew on, and he was focused on that. He is just a happy little guy, even when I'm not around.

Working On: Weeeeellll, I finally dyed the wrap I've been working on forever-- I was nervous about it,  but I think it turned out pretty well! Now I'm just breaking it in a little so it's a bit more snuggly, and then I'll be sending it off!

Also doing extra laundry... I don't know how it happens, but when you're gone for two days, the laundry somehow multiplies ten-fold. (Fold-- ha, cuz laundry...)

Shopping For: This week? Nothing at all. Too busy to shop! Although I should really put a grocery list together.

We did get the backpack carrier we ordered last week-- haven't tried it yet, but E was impressed. 

Smitten With: Kissing these chubby cheekers!! (E just wants to play...)

Reading: Okay, so it doesn't really count as reading, I don't think, but I've decided I have to stop following the Scary Mommy Facebook page. If you really like that page, no offense intended, but I just can't handle all the back and forth drama. Too much.

This week it's been about prom dresses-- everyone is up in arms about dress codes for prom, saying there shouldn't be any and girls should be allowed to wear what they want. Of course, then the next day, they attack a young lady wearing a beautiful dress because it's in a style from another culture... what happened to girls should be allowed to wear what they want?

The prom dress stuff doesn't really bother me (I just don't really care), but just pick an opinion, already! Annoying. And I don't really need to be annoyed by stuff I don't care about... so... no more.

Writing: Again this week, not much. But my awesome blogging friends did-- you can check out what they wrote here--> Blogging through the Bible 04.30

Cooking: We had Creamy Tortellini Tomato Soup for lunch one day this week-- I went with tomato paste instead of sun dried tomatoes, and loved it. Yum. Gotta get those soups in while there's still a hint of chill in the air... although that's pretty much gone already!

Proud: Honestly, just a little proud that we made it through this crazy week. Sooo glad to be on the other side! 

Praying: For continued healing and good choices for my sister, and that little E would keep on growing big and strong!

Currently: Listening to the dryer doing it's thing, smelling the coffee from the kitchen, E is playing in his exersaucer (and happily shouting... because he's a baby and he can do what he wants). The sun is up, the grass is green, and it's a gift to experience it all. 

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