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A (super quick) Spring Tour...

It's been a while since I shared much about our little homestead- I think the last time I put up a bunch of pictures of what's going on around our little farm was when I was giving updates on the house progress.

Now that the weather is nice, we're not spending much time inside-- I'm out in the sunshine any chance I can get!

The grass is growing (and growing and growing), and the dandelions, too... lots of dandelions...

Until last week, the pond was clear and beautiful, but the algae has started to take over now that it's warm... and I didn't take a picture of that because it's not that pretty.

Our raspberries from last year have gotten pretty tall, so Trevor put some stakes in the ground, tied wire to it, and we're training the raspberries to grow upward.

We're planning on getting rid of some of that grass that's kind of taken over... but there are tons of little raspberry plants hiding in there.

It's amazing how many new plants have started from the seven we brought home last summer.

We're not-so-patiently waiting to eat lots of raspberries this year.

When some friends of ours moved away, they left these cute milk containers-- and Trevor thought I'd like 'em. (He's thoughtful. I know.) Someday, they'll be full of marigolds and... um... I can't remember what else I planted in there. So... we'll see?

We've been grilling out a lot, now that it's nice.. and Bear likes to be right.by.us whenever we're outside.

The burger flipper is just a little too tempting, though... so we've been using the fenced-in porch area to keep the beast contained while we're grilling.

When he's not being a menace hanging out with us, Bear's little dog run serves him just fine. In the morning, he's often waiting for me to feed him, laying in the sunshine.

(That striped towel? So that we can wipe down his slobbery face before we pet him. Because oh, oh, the drool.)

We also got a new burn barrel and moved to back behind the grove- it's a little more protected from wind, and it looks a little nicer.

Our field (or "tillable ground" as Trevor calls it) is rented out again for the summer- we heard the tractors working in it a week ago. It's all planted now- just waiting for the sun and rain to do it's thing.

Oh the birds. There are nests popping up everywhere- this one is above our (yet unused) hose winder thing.

We also stumbled across a pheasant nest in the grass the other day (of course I didn't have my camera) that was full of little brown eggs.

So far, the barn swallows haven't taken up residence under our roof line (like they did last year)-- hopefully they won't, since they make such a mess bringing mud to and from the pond to build their homes. Oh, and they make a big mess pooing all over our house, too.

Last year we had a smattering of bright purple bird poo all over our patio, our siding, our outdoor chairs... the barn swallows had found some mulberries. Not this year, little birdies. Not this year.

This image should be captioned, "Bear watches, bored, as bunnies frolic nearby."

Honestly, he only chases them sometimes. Useless, adorable dog.

This is my view, currently. 

It's beautiful.

Is it perfect? No. It is profound or earth-shattering? No.

But it's so beautiful.

Take some time to really notice your view, today.

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  1. I love your farm, Ally! As a born and raised Southern California girl, I've always dreamed of those wide open spaces. I don't know how I'd do with all of it, but you've portrayed it in the sweetest way. What a lovely view you've been blessed with...you've inspired me to enjoy my own.

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! I was raised in the city... so I'm still not sure of what to do with all this space (or all the buildings! Ack!), but I'm learning to love what God has given me- unexpected as it may be. =)

  2. The wide open space and blue skies... so pretty. It's a place a person can really breathe. I love living in the middle of nowhere, too.
    Raspberries certainly do grow like wildfire. We have wild ones all over our property, and new ones pop up each year.
    We've had birds build nests in two different places on the outside of our house. The purple poo all over the brick and the porch is just awful. Glad they're staying clear of your house this year.