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Blessings this Week: 04.08.2016 Edition

Also known as the "where's my head at" edition.

Also known as "like a chicken with her head cut off" edition.

It's been a busy week. Busy, but good.

We've officially begun the part of Spring when there's still frost on the windsheild in the morning, but by afternoon it's too warm to wear a coat.

Oh, Midwest weather. How confusing you are.

(And yes, that is a bathtub sitting outside on my patio. What of it?)

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

My small group started back up again this week-- it was just three of us this week- and I think that was the perfect way to ease back in. 

I love sharing my life with these women. 

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

We spent some time saying goodbye to a wonderful family this week- they're headed off on a new adventure, and we're so excited for them!

It was a blessing to be able to help them a little with the moving process (and to play with their little ones). 

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Even with all the busy-ness going on this week, we've started doing some extra work with our big ol' Bear. 

He's still not entirely sure about the "come" stuff, but he's got "sit" down (proving that he can actually still learn)... so we have been bribing him with sausage and freezer burned chicken. We're hoping that he'll get the idea of "come" really soon... and then we can work on the barking-when-we-walk-away thing. 

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Stuff is sprouting. 

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Have I mentioned that I love my co-workers?

One of the gals I work with here at Camp gave me this, just this morning. She said it made her think of me.

Too funny, right?
...   ...   ...   ...   ...


I did a lot of talking about the lies that Satan tells us all, and also about the hope that comes from recognizing that God's not finished with me, yet

I've also been busy writing, writing, writing for a brand new freebie I will be sharing with you next week (!!)- I'm praying hard over it that it'll be a powerful help in your life, as it has been in mine. 

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Have a wonderful week- and count your blessings!

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  1. Nice photos! For people who think global weirding isn't a problem they should visit here, we're getting cold temps and snow in April. The spring flowers and trees don't know how to react.