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My Favorite New Dry Skin Solution

Full Disclosure: This post is a product review.**

I don't know about you, but this winter has really done a number on my poor skin.

I have pretty dry skin to begin with (except on my face, which seems to be perpetually oil-well friendly... but that's a post for another day), but add my winter penchant for hot showers, the dry winter air, and my newly-kaput humidifier, and I have skin in full-blown desert mode.

So I started slathering on the lotion... and encountered another issue.

One bottle was too greasy for my skin (works great on Trevor, though), and I've apparently developed a reaction to the "fragrance" in other bottle (and what is that mysterious "fragrance" made of, anyway?)

So now I had itchy, dry, flaky skin with little red bumps! Fantastic.

The solution?

Oh, yeah.

God's Garden products are made with essential oils- so no nasty "fragrance" allergies here. The lotion itself isn't greasy, and it's really truly hydrating to my poor skin.

I got the Jasmine Vanilla Body Lotion, and boy, does it smell pretty. It's got a great scent, without being overpowering (even in my tiny office). The bottle is cute and seems durable, and the pump works great (don't you hate those cheap pumps that don't work?)

My only regret about my lotion is that I didn't get two bottles... because I've been carting it back and forth from my house to work. In fact, I barely had time to write this post... I've been busy. Putting on lotion.

I'm thinking that next, I'll have to get the muscle rub  for Trevor's sore maintenance man muscles.

I really like this stuff. It's about the same price as a bottle of Bath and Body lotion, but without the questionable ingredient list-

- and I know that there's a little lady in Texas mixing it up special for me, and that the money I spend there goes to an actual person. I like that.

Clicky-click on over to God's Garden- you'll find lots of good stuff, from room spray to body scrub to my awesome lotion- and all made with essential oils!

And, because I love you...

Use the coupon code WHW15 and get 15% off! A big thanks to God's Garden for the the discount, and for making great natural products!

**Product Reviews? This is a personal blog, and as such, I don't receive any monetary compensation for product reviews. All of  my reviews represent the opinion of the author of the blog-- me-- based on my own personal use and results. I may have received a free or discounted product to try out and review, but my opinions don't change because of any discount or complimentary product. I only review products that I would purchase for my home or my family. 


  1. This looks like a great product! I'll have to check out her store and see what I find!

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  3. Mmm! I LOVE vanilla - might have to give this a try!

  4. I never thought about the annomous "fragrance" before.

  5. Very nice! :) Now, you know, I have an image of you "Can't. Blog. Must .... must put on lotion." I wonder if I could tolerate this stuff. Too many lotions give me allergic reactions. And I love vanilla. :)

  6. Good to know! And I too love supporting small businesses!

  7. Ohhh! I love that it's made with essential oils! I've been doing a lot of cleaning this week, and my hands are HATING me for it! I could totally try this out!

  8. I'm learning to appreciate skin care with essential oils. This sounds great!

  9. I have heard of these products. I love that it's made with essential oils! Pinning! Thanks for sharing this at Totally Terrific Tuesday last week. I can't wait to see what you have lined up for this week!

    Her Organized Chaos