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Blessings this Week: 03.06.2015

Boy, oh boy, what a week. 

(Is it a mug? Is it a paperweight? Is it the only way Ally's able to function?)


I spent a lot of time this week looking at my computer screen.

Ah, work. It feels good to be getting going with summer registrations and preparing for June to hit, but I was really focused on work this week... not much time for a whole lot else. 


We did get a chance to see our folks over last weekend and visit with our little nephew


The weather is starting to warm up and the air smells a little like spring


Good conversations with a certain handsome man of mine


Giant post-it notes. Seriously. Do you know about these? They're so awesome. 


Notes from parents- "My kids have a deep connection in their experiences at your camp..." 


Not too much. Again, it was a busy week, and I didn't have much time for ye ole blog. 


I figured that if I wasn't writing anything, at least I could direct you to people who are writing things... 


What's blessed you this week? Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm so sorry I'm just now reading your post from last week!! I'm so glad you linked up though :) I had to laugh at the coffee cup/paper weight, ha! That's just about every morning over here!