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Blessings this Week: 3.20.2015

Two of our most notable types of wildlife friends... in one picture. And Trevor's shop in the background there. 


Two princesses (or are they ballerinas?), and their little brother who was dedicated on Sunday (I was informed that babies can't be PRINCES! Silly Aunt Ally...)--  and being able to see them grow. 


The beautiful (warm!) sunny weekend


A fancy dinner out with this fella- with lots of laughter


... and another one about ^that guy ^... 

Even after having a rough day (and, well, night) at work with very little sleep (like, 6 hours in two days) and lots of physical labor, my wonderful husband...

-Took out the full kitchen garbage without me mentioning it
-Maintained a cheerful attitude and goofed around with me
-Moved a ton of furniture upstairs
-Can still speak in full sentences. 

He's basically a superhero. 


Lots (!!!) of registration forms on my desk 


"It was 9 pm. I was tired and my feet hurt. I can't imagine how my husband Trevor was feeling, what with not sleeping at all the night before with only a 2-hour cat-nap in the afternoon... but I wasn't thinking about him. I was thinking about how much I didn't want to move that stupid entertainment center up the stairs."

Why are we moving entertainment centers up the stairs? Click it to find out. #NoSpoilers. (Can I pull off the hashtag? I don't think I can.)

I'm really loving this lotion. It's pretty great. So I wrote a review of it. I know, I know, this isn't a review blog- it's technically considered a "lifestyle" blog. And this lotion is rockin' my lifestyle. =)


Have a great weekend- and keep finding those blessings!

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