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Blessings this Week: 03.27.2015

Rainy days and cups of tea (with honey- thank you, Greg and Tiff!)


One (hopefully!) last snowy hurrah...


Life Group friends who share their hearts and listen to me babble on and on...


Our move is mostly complete- with the exception of a few remaining boxes to be unpacked and stuff to put away- but we're loving our "new" digs. It's amazing how different it looks upstairs now, with some furniture and decorations and things moved around! 

It's so cozy! 


Finding this card on the steps... 

and the thoughtful husband who put it there. 


Full files of registration forms


Just in case you missed it...

Ask A Catholic: Lent Style

It all started with a lunchtime conversation about fish.

At Camp, we’d served fish on Friday for one of our retreat groups- because there were a few Catholics in the group, and Lent.

Which led to the questions- why fish? Was that in the Bible? What about the “giving things up” and how come so many people who do give things up for Lent have ulterior motives that have little to do with spiritual growth (losing weight, for example)? And why is Lent such a big deal with Catholics, anyway?

I hate doing laundry. It just never ends. 

But aside from buying new clothes every month, it has to get done sometime. <Sigh>

In other news...

Did you know that A Home Called Shalom has a Facebook page? 

It's new. So if you didn't know, well, no big deal. 

You can check it out here: A Home Called Shalom- Facebook page


Have a great weekend! Don't forget to find the blessings!

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  1. Nothing beats the "simple" things in life, and knowing that is the true blessing. Lovely post, BB2U.