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"Seamless": A Study Review

A review of the Bible study "Seamless" by Angie Smith

I am so blessed to be part of a church that puts an emphasis on small groups. Three years ago, brand new to the area and a newlywed, a lady I'd only just met came up to me after the service one Sunday and asked if I'd joined a group yet.

Being the socially awkward person I am, I picked at my thumbnail and tried to get out of committing to anything.

Luckily, the small group study they were working on was a couples study... so I could hide my odd extroversion-but-sort-of-shyness in Trevor's self-assured friendliness.

Three years later, here I am, just finishing up co-leading a group study myself! Yeah! I know! Crazy.

To be sure, it wasn't until we started getting involved with a small group that we finally started branching out a bit in our new town and making some non-co-worker friends. And we've been so, so blessed by the friendships and studies we've done.

Long story short, don't pick your fingers awkwardly. Just say yes and get involved in a church. You need it.

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Anyway, this past Fall and Winter, my small group went through the study "Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story," by Angie Smith. One of the other group leaders chose the curriculum, and while I hadn't really heard a lot about it, it looked like a pretty good Bible study, and I looked forward to beginning it.

One of the things that stood out about "Seamless" was the approach of the study. Our group had gone through two books of the Bible, but this study had a much larger scope. The idea of "Seamless" is to get a good grasp on the whole Bible. That was really interesting to me.

The first week of the study made me a little nervous. There was great content, but I really expected to spend more time digging into Scripture. Thankfully, the second week (and all the ones after) were much more intense.  I spent my Bible study time flipping through my Bible to seek out answers to Angie's questions, and often found myself reading more than what was required, just because I was interested.

I learned a lot during the study, and even read some passages that I'm sure I've never known were in the Bible before. The book also covered stuff that all Sunday School kids know- which makes it great for new believers, too, and continually connected the themes and stories to the Gospel message.

The questions posed in "Seamless" were pretty good ones- I mostly used them to keep myself focused during the study, and that was helpful. Some of the questions made for really great discussions during our small group time- and the structure of the study really helped me out as a new co-leader.

Our group used the DVD leader kit that comes with a video to watch each meeting time. Most of the time, I felt that the video was pretty worthwhile, but not necessary to the study. I appreciated that, because "Seamless" could be completed individually, without the video, and still would be a solid personal Bible study.

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I do understand the Bible better after completing "Seamless," which was Angie's goal all along. I'd recommend this study to new believers and more mature believers alike- the Word of God always has something new to tell me every time I open it, and Seamless got me opening the Word!

What Bible studies have you done recently? 

What studies have you been most blessed by?

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  1. This looks like a good one. We just started Jonah by Priscilla Shirer. I've done one of hers before and enjoyed it. I think this one will be good too. Anyway, I'll have to pass this book along to the leader of my group.

    1. Oooh, I've never heard of "Jonah!" I'm gonna have to look into that one!

  2. This looks good..I always like to tell my friends who aren't Christian to think of the Bible as one big story, like an epic..when I was a new Christian and started seeing it as Seamless..my who view on the Bible changed!

    1. It's amazing, isn't it? I've taken some Bible classes in college and stuff, but Angie did a great job of pointing out the "foreshadowing" in so many areas of the Bible- pointing us to Christ, even hundreds of years before His birth. Amazing!

  3. I love studies that give a big picture view of the Bible. This looks like one I could even use with my own older kids in our homeschool.

    1. Leah- Angie also makes a "Seamless" study particularly for youth. I haven't read it, but here's the (affiliate) link in case you're interested! -- http://amzn.to/1SCAahx

  4. Our church is doing women's study on this book in a few months. I am so excited! I love Angie Smith's writing! Have you read her books "Mended" or "What Women Fear"? So good!

  5. Thanks for this review! We are planning on doing this study over the summer at our church. I'm so excited!!

  6. I was happy and really loving this study until the Author disses the Gospel of Mark, as she does not like his way of writing and would not blame people if they stopped her study at this point. That really bothered me as she has this study also for teens. You are not giving a good message or teaching of the Gospels if you are going to diss one. This is the word written by men of God through the Holy Spirit. This has made be disrespect the Author and I do not recommend her book for study of the word of God.

  7. We are trying to do this study at our church but I cant figure out what from the Bible has to be read each week. I don't think we can handle reading Gen 12-50 in one week (session 2). Am I missing something? Thanks for any advice you have!