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Planner Power: Or, Why I Lug Around My Binder Everywhere I Go

Paper planners are all the rage- but why do they matter, anyway? This post explains why paper planners are really super awesome- and how using one can help you organize your life!

Need a pen?

I've got one.

What were the dimensions of the bathroom ceiling? Lemme look it up a minute...

When was that doctor's appointment again?

Gotcha covered.

I like being prepared.

I like having my, erm, "poop in a group."

It doesn't always happen. Scratch that- it rarely happens. Just glance at my desk at work if you need a little proof...

Despite my lack of having-it-all-togetherness, I've managed to stay sane through the past few months- months that have included living in a camper, a home remodel, my husband being injured (so, lots of appointments and medication notes), as well as working full time.

It's been a ride.

Without the overwhelming grace of God (hallelujah) and a little organization on my part, I couldn't have done it.

Honestly, having a paper planner was always a part of my life- even in middle school, that little assignment notebook they gave us in class was full of notes and details. When school was over, though, and I'd graduated college, I realized just how much I really needed that formal organization.

In came The Binder.

This thing is so important to me that I carry it around all the time. I've sacrificed the dream of having a small purse- my binder is that important.

large purse binder yellow planner

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Having a planner is more than just a way to write down a to-do list- it's a way to organize a full life, to be intentional with the time we've been given. To follow through on goals, to make intentional connections, to schedule my weeks, my months, my years.

I flippin' love that thing.

Generally, I've designed my pages myself so that I can customize them to fit my needs (you can read all about that here), but you really don't have to be as anal retentive particular as I am.

There are tons of awesome planners out there that you can use, and adapt, to make life easier.

I know that we're already into January, but honestly, you don't need to struggle through another year unplanned and un-binder-ed.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Dreams by Design Planner: a newer company, but with great colors, intuitive design, and great goal planning stuff. I LOVE her weekly master schedule. Love it. So helpful.

Franklin Covey: basically the granddaddy of planners, this company has been around for-ev-er and knows planners inside and out. They have a ton (a ton) of products, pages, and designs available. And they have cute notepads, too.

And, because I love me a good deal...

Emily Ley: planners for the beauty-lovers, Emily Ley features clean, colorful, pretty designs. Their Simplified Planner is great if a ring binder isn't what you're going for, and they also offer free printables that are super cute. 

Do you use a paper planner?
What has helped you to stay organized and on-top-of-it?

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  1. Yesss! I MUST have a planner otherwise, I lose my mind. Everything goes into it. I ended up just getting one from Target and then making some of my own printables. Works perfect!

    1. Yeah, that's the thing. I've found that the more complicated the planner, the less likely I am to actually use it!

  2. Can you tell me the details of the purse itself? What kind is it?

  3. Sure thing! It's a bag by Duluth Trading Company- it's an older one (in a canvas version) and I super, super love it. They don't make the exact model anymore, but this one is pretty similar (non-affiliate link) :

  4. I love love love my planner! I have tried phone apps and online syncing things but mostly, I just love to write it down and carry it with me. I don't even make mine as pretty and cute as some other people (which I admire but I lack the time and determination and skills). I find that I remember so much more in my brain when I write it down and look at it often. I hate carrying a purse at all, but I got mine to acommodate my planner as well. :)

    1. If the purse doesn't fit the planner, it's got to go! =)

      I've tried to make mine look pinterest-y and pretty, but then I don't actually use it because I'm afraid I'll mess it up. Which, you know, defeats the whole purpose!