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Seven Delayed Quick Takes : IBW, voiceless parenting tips, and a big bruise

Well, it certainly has been a couple busy weeks.... although I could have done without some of it.

I got sick. I picked up Evert's cold. And the truly unfair thing is that he got over it quick, but I'm still (still!) coughing up a storm. And he's got all the energy again, but me? Not so much. And the most unfair thing of all?? I lost my voice. Completely gone for two full days. Evert has been making monster truck noises and asking "What's that?" nine million times a day, and his voice is totally fine. What.

So my first three "takes" this week? The three things I would bring with me on a desert island, if that desert island was actually two days with two children under two and no voice.

...   .1.   ...


Both an activity and a way to ward off the hangries. Self serve, doesn't stain the carpet, loved by all.

...   .2.   ...

Low Expectations

Just lean into it.

You'll vacuum when you can breathe through your nose again. And toys everywhere just serve as a good distraction. Let those dishes pile up, and folding laundry is overrated. Just grab clean underwear straight from the dryer. Efficient.

Hamburger Helper or frozen pizza are perfect acceptable supper plans. Even if there's no veggie on the side. Whatever.

Do you limit screen time? Not today. Rot those brains. ;) Daniel Tiger is a wonderful role model and Mrs. Tiger can be the patient and kind parent for today. It's fine.

...   .3.   ...

YouTube Read Alouds

My toddler loves reading books. His first two word phrase was "read it." Lots of books. Every day.

It's really hard to read a book out loud when you don't have a voice, I discovered. And even whisper-reading was making my throat sore by book number 5 or so.

Thankfully, I was able to find video read alouds of most of the books he demanded I read. Score.

...   .4.   ...

Continuing on in my bad luck streak...

Not only did I lose my voice, but...

My coffee maker died.

I know! How sad. This coffee maker has been with me since college. It went to the Black Hills five times. It was just about the perfect size for us. And it died. I tried several things to fix it, no dice. So we got a new one. And while it gets the job done, I don't love it quite as much. It has big shoes to fill. Well, a big.... carafe? to fill?

...   .5.   ...

And my final misfortune of the past few weeks?

I fell down the stairs.

Koben was tired and fussing in his crib, Trevor had Evert in the bathtub, and I was rushing to get Evert's jammies from his room so I could get Koben to bed.... and my foot just slid off a step and down I went.

I didn't fall far, and I wasn't holding a baby, and I'm not terribly hurt. It could have been a lot worse. But goodness does my arm look... colorful. It looks way worse than it feels.

This is the day after my fall...

Annnnnd this is a week after.


...   .6.   ...

Fortunately, I didn't have an event to put together voiceless, decaffeinated and with a banged up arm... oh wait, yes I did.

The International Babywearing Week Celebration went well!

Despite the fact that my voice was super gravely and I sounded awful, and that it SNOWED, the event was fun! My bad luck streak seemed to have passed We had to change up a couple things - instead of a walk to the park, we walked to a coffee shop (much better. And warm). We had several people show up, the babies were cute, no one fell out of a wrap or carrier-- I'd say it was a success!

...   .7.   ...

Evert had a birthday bash with Trevor's side of the family! He loved loved loved getting to play with his cousins and love love loved his cake.

And, a bonus take...

Koben is just such a smiley little guy. He's becoming quite a hoot. It's so fun to watch his little personality bloom.

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  1. Mercy me, you have certainly had several months of "oh no" packed into a very short time!! Heal quickly and I'm so glad your arm doesn't hurt as much as it looks like it should!! Your baby-wearing outing sounds like a winner!! I loved wearing my babies...geez, I just realized my oldest baby will soon be 40 and the youngest will soon be 30!!