Seven Quick Takes : a bulldozing Daniel Boone, a dinosaur named Melanie, and love of a vacuum | The Speckled Goat: Seven Quick Takes : a bulldozing Daniel Boone, a dinosaur named Melanie, and love of a vacuum


Seven Quick Takes : a bulldozing Daniel Boone, a dinosaur named Melanie, and love of a vacuum

Oh, what a week!

...   .1.   ...

I am just loving Evert's toddler antics this week. He's such a hoot.

This weekend, he insisted on wearing a coonskin cap, so I had the pleasure of following a young Daniel Boone as he bulldozed my driveway.

...   .2.   ...

He discovered a couple "new" (to him) toys this weekend... a toy dinosaur being one of them. We had Trevor's cousin and his wife over for supper a couple weeks ago and he's been talking about them daily ever since-- Tyler and Melanie have been very popular words around here lately.

Anyway, he was playing with the dinosaur and kept saying, "Melanie-nie, Melanie-nie," so I asked him what sound the dinosaur makes (expecting him to say "Melanie-nie").... nope. The dinosaur says "roar." So. I asked what the dinosaur's name is-- Melanie-nie.

The human Melanie bears very little resemblance to this dinosaur. Just saying. She's a lovely person, definitely not scaly or green, and her teeth aren't nearly as pointy.

...   .3.   ...

He's in the stage where he repeats words a lot, especially if he agrees with what you're saying. Which makes sharing with other kids a little tricky.

Child : That truck is mine.
Evert (nodding) : Mine.
Child : No, it's mine!
Evert (handing truck to child and nodding) : Mine.
Child : It's MINE!!
Evert : Mine!
Child (to me) : Why does  he keep saying it's his?!?

Well, no, he's agreeing with you that it's yours... confusing, I know.

...   .4.   ...

Koben has been throwing me for a bit of a loop this week. He's started to cry inconsolably several times a day - not super fun, I'll be honest. Apparently this is the PURPLE crying period that they tell you about in the hospital. I don't remember Evert ever doing this, so this has been a new thing for us.

Koben's crying spells usually happen when I'm trying to get Evert fed, or changed, or down to sleep. So that's fun.

Thankfully, even in this tough season, we get these occasional smiles that really make everything better.

...   .5.   ...

I've done a little extra reading this week to try and help poor little Koben during this crying stage, and one of the recommended things they say may help is carrying him more. So, I've been wrapping him a ton this week. Even more than I already was. Which I didn't think was possible, cuz I was already wrapping him a lot.

I've been using what's called "poppable" carries- so I can just leave the wrap tied on me and pop him in and out to do diaper changes or put him in a car seat or whatever. Saves a lot of time.

So this is my current "mom-uniform." Yoga pants, messy hair, and some sort of wrap tied onto me almost 24/7. Most of the time it has a baby in it.

...   .6.   ...

We visited Trevor at the beach again this week - this time, I planned it out a little better so we weren't full on interrupting Evert's nap, and I brought his swimsuit this time, too.

Oh my goodness it went so much better than last week. Wow. Night and day. We had lunch, Evert and Daddy went and pulled boats out (Evert's new favorite words are "speedboat" and "pontoon") while I got to visit, and then Evert played in the sand for two hours. He had such a blast.

Koben slept through the whole thing. Well, he woke up once to nurse, then conked back out.

It was such a good day- beautiful weather and precious memories being made.

And I can't tell you how a successful outing really helped my confidence in doing this mom thing.

...   .7.   ...

Trevor got me this robot vacuum a couple months ago, and I love it. Works great. I run it during nap time every day now, and it really helps keep the dust and crumbs under control. It says it mops, I haven't tried that feature, but it's already pretty useful with just keeping up with our daily mess.

And it was lots cheaper than a Roomba. And it was designed for hardwood floors (of which I have lots). Here's the link if you wanna check it out (it's an affiliate link, FYI) : Euleven Floor Robotic Vacuum

Speaking of vacuums....

we picked a toy vacuum up at a garage sale (for FREEEE) and I have the cutest helper ever.

Anyway! Have a good weekend!!

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