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Seven Quick Takes : Mr. Rogers, weddings, diapers, and cows

So much has happened over the past two weeks that it feels like it's been much longer since I've been in this space.

Camping trips, family "Christmas" parties (my side of the family celebrates Christmas in July!), a birthday, a wedding... a lot has happened! And of course, my boys just keep growing up on me. But here's a couple quick "takes" about what's been going on lately!

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Did you know that Mr. Rogers Neighborhood is on Amazon Prime Video?? I'm new to the whole Prime Video thing, and this was an awesome discovery! We have been enjoying a TV show once in a while (especially since it's been so hot outside lately!) Mr. Rogers is much more calming and slow paced than any of the other shows we've watched. I love it. Totally worth a Prime membership. (And if you've been thinking about getting Prime, I'd appreciate it if you used my affiliate link! Here it is -- Amazon Prime Video)

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This week has been a nice break in all the hot weather and thunderstorms, and we've gotten outside for some stroller walks before nap time. Our bike trailer converts to a stroller and it's working pretty well on our gravel road.

Evert loves to say hi to the cows.

...   .3.   ...

Evert and Koben doing some talking about backhoes and bulldozers (or as Evert says, "bull-do-der!!")

...   .4.   ...

Speaking of books, here are some of Evert's favorites lately... (links to Amazon)

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site : totally fits with Evert's current interest in heavy machinery. Not at all restful for him, though- he gets too excited about the machines and wants to talk about them instead of snuggling down for nap!  
The Bear Can't Sleep : super cute book about a not-so-sleepy bear and his friends who try to help him hibernate. This one we do read before nap.  
Mega Manners (didn't find it on Amazon) : we love reading about being a good helper and using our manners. This book is super short, though. I usually add some stuff about other ways we can use our manners (shaking hands, saying please, saying "bless you" when someone sneezes...) 
Snazzy Aunties : unfortunately, Evert only has six aunties in real life... but he still loves the simple rhyming of this book. Another short one. 

He seems to be more focused on motor skills these past couple weeks, so we haven't been reading as many books as usual. Still plenty of books, but just not as many!

...   .5.   ...

We were so glad to be able to share in my sister's special day earlier this week! The weather was perfect, the bride was gorgeous, and the joining of these two little families was full of joy and hope for the future.

There were so many special moments - like her daughter gently touching the beading on the wedding dress, her new daughter running over to share in walking her down the aisle... precious.

Congratulations and we wish you all the best!

...   .6.   ...

I broke out my sewing machine this week and got a couple projects done!

We use cloth diapers for the boys and we just love it! However, Koben has made it clear that he needs a bit more absorbency to keep him from having leaks, especially when he's being worn and his diaper is smashed against me!

I made some quick boosters for his diapers that will hold a little more and will prevent those compression leaks - they seem to be doing really well!

...   .7.   ...

I also tried something out that I've been thinking about since Evert was born. We have these great Halo swaddles that we were given in the hospital - and both boys have slept really really well when they wear these swaddles.

The trouble is, they're newborn size, and my boys like to be swaddled as long as they can (with Evert, we swaddled up until he could roll from his back to his tummy, although if it was safe, we'd probably have swaddled him longer!)

Evert was so petite that he still fit okay in the Halo swaddles when we had to stop swaddling him, but  Koben's so darn tall that he is now way too long for the swaddles. Booo. I've been scrunching up his little feet and cramming him in there, but he just keeps growing and that isn't working anymore!

So I cut the bottom off the swaddle and added a couple inches of flannel to the bottom. Not the most beautiful job in the world, but it works! And he's got a little wiggle room to spare. And saved me the $25 that it would have cost for a new, larger swaddle.

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