Seven Quick Takes : in which I discuss cute diapers, risky endeavors, coffee, and my toddler makes book recommendations | The Speckled Goat: Seven Quick Takes : in which I discuss cute diapers, risky endeavors, coffee, and my toddler makes book recommendations


Seven Quick Takes : in which I discuss cute diapers, risky endeavors, coffee, and my toddler makes book recommendations

Hello everyone- how was your week?

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We had a couple rainy days this week, but still managed to get outside for a while between rain showers.

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On Wednesday, we had doctor appointments in town, so we stopped by Camp to drop Trevor off for work and eat lunch with all the Family Campers.


It was so nice to visit and chat, but it reminded me why we don't go many places! Especially during nap time! Two under two is a lot to handle. I don't have it quite figured out yet.

Evert got to "help" Trevor get the boat out, and played in the sand for a little while, so a fun trip all around.

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Speaking of doctor appointments, little Koben had a check up this week. He's doing great, no concerns. I kind of thought that he seems so big because my mama heart is just willing him to stay little... but nope. He's a big guy. 24.5 inches long at only 7 weeks old -- in the 99th percentile for length -- and almost 12 pounds, already. No wonder his 3 month jammies are getting too short.

Evert, on the other hand, clocked in at a whopping 23 pounds when he stepped on the scale in the doctor's office. Again. He's been 23 pounds for a while now. His brother may just catch right up to him, the little peanut.

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A couple years ago, my sister had the brilliant idea to ask that, in the place of cards at my baby shower for Evert, people bring books instead. Absolutely brilliant idea - would definitely recommend. We have lots of awesome books thanks to that baby shower!

And it's a good thing, too - because Evert loves books. Loves.

We read all. day. long. I only keep about fifteen books out at a time, and I rotate them out every two weeks or so. We read all fifteen every day, but he usually has five or six books that he is really into for about a week -- and we end up reading those over and over and over. And over. Typically at least three times before I've finished my cup of coffee in the morning.

This week, his faves are... (the titles are affiliate links, just FYI) :

My Dad! : we talk about emotions when we read this one - especially feeling afraid (when the little bear is all alone and hears a scary noise), and then feeling happy when his Daddy arrives. Not my favorite, but Evert really likes the bears. And the bananas. And most of all, the daddy. He loves talking about daddies. 
Machines at Work : Evert learned a new word - "rubble" - from this book, and particularly likes when the workers go the lunch. 
If Animals Kissed Goodnight : a regular favorite around here, and one of my own favorites, too. We will probably need to buy another copy... this first one is pretty well worn out. This is a super cute book. Animals kissin' their babies, and a nice lyrical rhythm. 
Counting Cows : Trevor, true to his cattleman roots, has changed the words in this one... he replaced the word 'cow' with actual cattle breed names (from "sunning cows" to "seven sunning Simmentals," "hungry Holsteins," "grazing Guernseys"). I have trouble remembering. Evert does not. He reminds me as I read. "Hol-STEIN!" 
Alphaprints ABC : this is a cool book. The animals assigned to each letter are creatively illustrated - a raised fingerprint is the base for each animal picture. And it rhymes. Always a plus.
...   .5.  ...

Putting a foot monitor on an already-sleeping baby takes the same concentration, precision, and caution as diffusing a bomb. Just saying.

...   .6.   ...

Now that my pregnancy-induced coffee hatred is officially passed, I'm guzzling it down again. Trevor's been spoiling me with coffee creamer - so far, he prefers the maple flavored one, I like the caramel best so far.

...   .7.   ...

We bought a couple new diapers to bolster our stash now that we've got two kids in diapers... and we bought two of these cute ones.

We should really just replace our whole stock with these - Evert requests his "tools!" diaper at every.single.change. I should have known....

...   ...   ...

It's so good to be back! I missed this. 💗

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  1. THAT is a Diaper? Oh how I wish we had thought of those with my youngest! I don't think I would have had much problem sticking with cotton instead of giving up and going with disposables... We missed this, too, Sweetie! I get so caught up in my own life (and local friends and of course, husband and some icky medical issues...) that I hadn't realized just how long you were so busy. Loved the books and how you got them. What a great idea! Genius, really. The gift that just keeps on giving and reminding you of your dear friends generosity. Stealing! For my great grandkids before long. (where has the time gone?) I applaud you for the way you are raising your little ones. A Christian father and mother are such blessings! When I first found your blog it rang so true to me. I had trouble carrying past 3 months and with God's help, my daughter was born and is an awesome 43 yr old woman with awesome children. Then came the surprise 7 years later. He is 36 and rather lost trying to make his own way after a decade of health issues which I think will keep him from having children but then, he is NOT ready to be an example to children. God can change all that, right! I'm a prayin' and all the while watching your wonderful example now that you are back blogging. meme