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How Accountability Affects my Bible Reading

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There are about twelve ladies out there to whom I attribute most of my Bible reading practice.

You know who you are.

Honestly, before I joined a small group, my Bible study was limited to Sunday mornings and going to chapel services at the camp where I work.

I had no kind of a consistent Bible reading habit, and my time in Scripture was only at the direction of other people.

I'm a social person, and left to my own devices, my Bible sits unopened for weeks at a time. Really. It's happened.

I've written before about the influence that being part of a small group has had on me; both socially in making friends and being part of a community, and also in the realm of spiritual growth; but I think it bears repeating.

When it comes to faithfully reading Scripture, the accountability of a small group has been vital.

Knowing that my friends are also studying the same holy words of God (and sometimes struggling to understand them just like I am) really helps me and encourages me to keep plugging away at my own study, even when it's hard.

If you're trying to be more consistent in your reading of Scripture, this is probably the best tip I can give you-- find a group. Don't go it alone.

God didn't design us to be islands- we need each other for support and encouragement, and also to show us new ways of looking at things.

When I found myself confused about a Bible passage, or when I was struggling with boredom in my reading, my group was a great place to get clarification or a new and interesting perspective.

Of course, having a group of gals I trusted and loved not only helped me to read the Bible, but also made me feel like I was heard. A small group ensured I was being prayed for, and we got to share some laughs.

Having a community makes a big difference.

If you're someone who doesn't "do" community well, or maybe if you simply haven't found a group yet, I really encourage you to put yourself out there and do it.

Online groups are great and really convenient, but I really think face-to-face community is the most powerful. Don't go it alone. Be brave. For the sake of your spiritual growth, for the sake of your Bible reading consistency, for the sake of being a light to the world-- join a group.

If you're not yet in a group, you can start one. (Yes, you. Trust me. You can do it.)

And if you're looking for a group study to do together, I've got two good suggestions:

I didn't want to be that girl study sue allen  seamless angie smith study 

... as well as this 21-Day e-book guide you can do as a group! (It's free!)

Whether you join an established group or you start a new one, a small group (or life group or discipleship group or Bible study group... whatever the cool kids are calling them these days) will make a difference in your spiritual life. I promise. 

Are you part of a study group or small group? What has been the greatest blessing for you?

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  1. This is so true and unfortunately I've been lagging in Bible study, my friend and neighbor had weekly or more get togethers and then we were out of our house for over a month with maintenance issues and we just haven't gotten back into our habit. I'll have to go visit her today so we can get back into studying God's word!