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Just Read It.


"I just can't find the time."

Her excuse sounded just like mine, and I nodded my head in agreement and solidarity. Time. It's a huge killer of consistent Bible reading.

"I mean," she continued, "if I don't have at least an hour to read and cross-reference, highlight and make notes, and then consult a commentary, then what's the point of reading my Bible?"

I glanced at her from the corner of my eye. I don't think I've ever done all that in one sitting.

I struggle to just get the glided pages open in front me. Throw multiple colored pens into the mix and I'm totally out.

And it got me thinking-- is my Bible time insignificant because I don't do all that? Does simply reading the Bible pale in comparison to really studying it?

In college, I had a habit of turning on a show (on Hulu or Netflix or what have you) while I did my homework.

Not the most efficient use of my time, no. But it's what I did.

And there are times when a phrase pops into my head, or a song plays on the radio... and I know all the words to that song. I've heard that phrase. Because it was on that TV show I watched back in my college years.

Even without really paying very much attention to it, even though I certainly wasn't studying it, my mind retained that stuff.

(Makes me wish I'd watched, I dunno, a show about Geometry or something, but that's another story.)

I told you that to tell you this-- there's a place for reading the Bible.

Not studying, but just reading.

Now, I don't have anything against studying the Word of God.

It's fascinating, challenging, and brings out the best in so many people to study the Bible. I like the academic side of the Bible- the literary side, the history, the cross-referencing, the cultural background. I'm one of those nerds who took a college class called "Hebrew Prophets" just because it sounded interesting. (It was awesome, by the way).

But really, beyond those college classes of old, occasional group studies, and the fantastic Bible teaching at the church we attend, I don't really study the Bible very much, anymore.

In a different season of life, I would love to dust off the highlighters and really dig in again. I know I'd love it. Right now, though, it's not going to happen. So should I just forget the whole thing?

I don't think so.

Even if I can't give Scripture my full academic attention with referencing and searching the original Hebrew, I believe that the Bible is still accessible to me and that I can come to the Bible expecting to meet more of God- even if I'm "just" reading.

The excuse of not having enough time (that's one I use a lot) is bad enough as it is. If I honestly don't have time to spend two hours with my Bible, I can dedicate ten minutes to the Scriptures.

Don't let the fact that you can't "study" right now prevent you from opening the Word of God. Connect with Him in small moments, even if you have trouble dedicating large chunks of time to digging into the details.

If you can't study it right now, just read it.

Just read it. 

It will make a difference. It will stick with you. It will change your life.

Don't make this another excuse not to read it. Open your Bible, and get going.

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  1. I fall into this a lot. I am a highlighter, studier, commentor-using bible nerd. There are times when I over complicate reading the Bible. There are times when I think "Man, I don't have my notebook" or "I don't have time to look up commentaries on this chapter" and so I opt out until I have time. I think this can be deadly for our spiritual lives. Sometimes we just need to chill out with the nonsense of the extra stuff and just read it as you say. Sometimes God just wants to speak to us through His word without all that other stuff getting in the way. This is such a gut check for me. I have been slackin' in my studies because I have been so busy. Today, I will make it a point to "just read it". Thank you for this :)


    1. Yes! Not having my notebook-- that's a big one for me.

      I really believe that God still has something to say to me- even without a pen or a notebook or a commentary. I just have to be willing to let go of all the other stuff and just read it!

      Thanks for stopping by, today!

  2. Another option, for folks "on the run," is the audio Bible. Put it on you mp3 player and listen while you drive, work out, cook dinner, or whatever. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Even if your eyes aren't on the actual words (which I highly recommend) you're still hearing the Word. It's like you said when the TV was on during homework in college. It still sinks in even if you don't have 100% of your attention on it. If something comes up that God really wants your attention on, He will break through your attention to other things and cause you to hear. I totally recommend reading the word, but we all know sometimes life happens. Hearing the word is a fantastic alternative.

    1. Yes, certainly. We have all these awesome resources available to us- we can have a couple different means of hearing from Him. Thanks for stopping by, today!

  3. Great perspective! I totally agree... there is a season for all of it. It reminds me of a post I wrote a while back: https://awordthatmatters.wordpress.com/2016/04/06/its-amazing-what-a-little-son-can-do/ I would love to hear your thoughts.

  4. I use to be just like that..lol. ok got my highlighters, my note pad, my pen, oh yea and my bible...lol.. now I just read.. I love reading the bible.. I have a vlog I am doing on the book of proverbs, just because I love to read so much that I thought others could benefit from a "5 mins in the word" video every day... I dedicate my self to do it everyday, cause I believe others are struggling with just reading the bible...I am hoping they will come and watch and listen what God's word has to offer them!
    Thanks for writing this.. it really spoke to my heart and helped confirm that what I am doing is making God happy!

    1. "Oh, yeah, and my Bible." Haha that was perfect. Yes- sometimes it seems more like the studying is the goal, rather than the Bible. (And really, the Word of God-- and that it transforms us into beings more like Christ-- is the goal.)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I used to get out my highlighters as well and journal as I read. Now I often just read the bible. While I do read the word daily I've found that the opposite is taking place. I long to dig in deeper. I'm starting a Proverbs 31 study next week!

    1. I think there's a place for both. Sometimes, we have to dig in and really study... and sometimes (especially when we're in a super busy season), we just have to read. No matter what, getting the Word of God into our lives to transform us is the goal... and that doesn't always look the same way in the same season.

  6. Amen! we find so many excuses to not read the Bible. What we let get in the way is ourselves but like you said the Bible is always applicable to us. Great read!

  7. don't let guilt steal your joy of just reading and spending time with the Father! Yes...study when you can but YES just read and spend time with the Lord


  8. Amen, sister. Just read it. #word up.
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Ally,
    I laugh at that same thing! For me, college was several more years ago, however, there are still songs and shows that I find myself remember from those same habits!!! And you are right about the Bible. God is there whether it is an intense study, or a 5 minute breathing in of His Word! Our life seasons continually change, but God is in each of them!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us at #MomentsofHope! I shared it everywhere!
    Blessings and smiles,