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Refinishing Hardwood Floors: The Tips and The Tools

Reclaiming our hardwood floors ended up just like most remodels:

More time consuming than we expected it would be.

In part, that's because we're both working full time, and because there were some unexpected delays thrown in there.

And in part, it's because we're a little... optimistic.

In truth, refinishing our hardwood floors, by ourselves (with the exception of some much appreciated family and friends who we begged to come help us), was a lot of work. There are a lot of details that I didn't realize were a part of this project.

And we ended up needing a lot more stuff than I thought we would... a lot of it that I wouldn't have ever thought we could need. It's a really good thing that I have a hubby who's experienced in these kind of projects and had a lot of this on hand- otherwise we would have had to make far more trips to the hardware store than we did.

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Work gloves- the hardest working item on this list. I use these guys for everything.

First Aid Kit- for when you forget to wear your gloves.

Noise-canceling earmuffs- because all those tools are really, really loud. And on the bright side, you can use these things other noisy projects- like for mowing lawn, for vacuuming, for not listening to that annoying song on the radio...

Headlamp- This thing made our nights-and-weekends schedule work- and we didn't sacrifice quality because of our odd hours.

Safety Glasses- because eyesight is a good thing, and safety first.

... and just in case you missed the posts about our hardwood floor project, you can find each of them by clicking on the images below:

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    1. Thanks! I learned some of them the hard (er, painful) way! =)

  2. It never fails when my hubby and I try to any major home projects... it always takes longer than we think and we run into unexpected "challenges"! But your floors look amazing! I hope you feel it was all worth it!

    1. Oh, definitely. This floor was months in the making. But they do look amazing, don't they!?! I do really like them, and I think between the character-building and the finished project, it was definitely worth it!

  3. What an organized helpful post! I found your blog through that renovation-comment-thread on the Peony Project, and I'm so glad I did! :)