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Reclaiming the Moment

Sometimes, I just want to be grouchy. Being angry sometimes feels so good... but doing the hard work of finding the joy is worth it. Every time.

It was 6:45 pm.

I hadn't eaten supper, it was inexplicably hot in my house, and I was packing. Still.

And, because my husband had to finish up a couple of things while he had equipment available, I was doing it alone.

Moving's never fun, but I'd been in an office alone all day with just a few phone calls to keep me company, and now I was in an empty house alone again.

I carried a heavy box out to the truck, and scooted it across the tailgate... and it broke.

The bottom of the box tore, making it impossible to move the very full box without dumping everything out of it. I'd have to pack it again. Grrr.

Trevor drove by, heading to close up his shop.

"I want you to be done!" I shouted in his direction. "I want you to help me!" And then I launched into everything that had just gone wrong.

He offered several solutions.

I didn't want to hear any of them. After arguing all the ways that his ideas wouldn't work, I finally admitted,

"I just want to be grouchy!" 

"I can tell!" he replied, a smile in his tone. Annoying. 

Do you ever feel that way? Like you just want to be grouchy? Like being angry somehow feels... good?

I do.

And worse, I tend to wallow, letting everything that could possibly put me in a bad mood pile up and weigh me down until I snap at someone. Like my husband.

You know, life doesn't go the way I want it to most of the time. Maybe you can relate.

I don't have a heck of a lot of control over that. Well, okay, I could have used a little more tape or not filled up the box so full, but for the most part, even despite my best effort, there's nothing I can do to make things go my way.

But I can choose my attitude.

I can choose to not let it get to me.

Sometimes, I don't want to make those choices. I want to give in to the bad mood and let those uncontrollable circumstances ruin my day, ruin an experience, and make me bitter, resentful, and crabby.

Being grateful, finding the blessings, and reclaiming the moment... all those things are work. It's not easy. It goes against my nature.

But I also like having an adventure attitude. I like having fun working with my husband. I like singing along to silly songs while I work. I don't want my last memories of this house, of this chapter of our lives, or of this day to be negative ones.

marigold in pot orange flower

I stopped. I took a deep breath.  I said a quick prayer.

I put a smile on my face and stretched a little.

I mentally wiped my slate clean.

Because doing the work of fixing my attitude? I may not always feel like it. But it's always worth it.


  1. All so true. We all have those moments. The most important thing for me is to recognize those times for what they are. Acknowledge it and move on. good post!

    1. YES! I love that- acknowledge it and move on. Definitely!

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart. I've been there.

  3. Great post, Ally! Truthfully, I think we've all had moments like that. Thanks for sharing! Peace and many blessings to you, Love! :-)

  4. Your words are always so encouraging! Been in a lot of pain lately and I just want to be grouchy but it's not helping anyone!

    1. I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain- I would have a lot of trouble choosing the good in that situation, too. I'm praying for you, Alicia!

  5. Thanks for your honesty! I sometimes get "I just want to be grouchy moments" too and I think my hubby learned early in our marriage to just let me be grouchy (or sad or whatever emotion I was experiencing). I'm much better at letting things slide than I used to be... but it's definitely not easy! Now I'm working on helping my kids learn to control their attitude when we can't control our circumstances. Thanks for this great reminder that it's worth it!

    1. Yeah, it's so important to learn how to do that- to control our perspectives and attitudes when things don't go our way. I also have learned that I sometimes have to remind my husband, "Honey, I just need to be upset for a minute- don't fix it. Just tell me everything will be okay."

  6. I have these moments, I struggle with infertility and was connected to your blog through Amateur Nester and this post really hit home for me today. Thank you for sharing! Walking in faith is so difficult at times and reading the way others find the path through darker moments is a great way to help me understand the ways we can celebrate His love, even on difficult days. It's always easy to praise him in the sun, but praising him through the storm is something I am working to improve.

    1. Welcome, Carissa! I'm glad you found me! =) Infertility has been such a struggle for me- I completely understand what you mean when you say that it's hard to celebrate His love when we're in the midst of the hard stuff. Oh, how well I understand that. I've found that counting my blessings- even the little tiny ones- is a powerful way to remind myself that God is good, and He's good TO ME.

      Blessings to you!

  7. I don't always stop the grouchy, that's for sure! =) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. moving is enough to make me cranky, but I love, love, love your attitude change ability, very encouraging to remember we can choose to transcend our moods. God really helps us with that!! Visiting from #TellHisStory today..liked your title so came for a visit..

  9. Moving stress will make anyone be grouchy. And sometimes we need to feel those emotions and move on. Wise words, doing the work of fixing our attitudes is always worth it! Yes, it is.

  10. And here I thought I was the only one who just wants to be grouchy sometimes. Good to know that at least I'm in good company! I especially love your words: I don't want my last memories of this house, of this chapter of our lives, or of this day to be negative ones. Great to remember every single day!

    1. Ha, no, you're definitely not the only one, Sheila!! And you're right- I need to remember this little truth every day- that life is good and even the bad moments can be reclaimed!