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The Answers (The Ones We Know Right Now, Anyway)

I realize that as some of my friends and family have become my (ominous music) blog readers, there has been some surprise about our struggle with infertility.

Because many of our dear family and friends... didn't know that we were dealing with this.

Honestly, this journey that we've been walking is so private, so personal. I still don't talk about it well. I still have wrong attitudes, hurt feelings, and lots of sore spots about it. And it's a long convoluted story... and how much do I share? It's just awkward.

But when I started putting words out on this blog, sharing what God's doing here in this time, here in this moment, here in my life... well, it's all kind of colored by the journey we're walking right now.

You know?

Every realization, every reminder of God's faithfulness, His goodness, His grace, comes back to what we're struggling with in this moment.

The way I see God is through the lens of infertility. 

That's the season I'm in.

And that's why I chose to share a little more about our journey.

But I also realize that I've left a lot of gaps- a lot of information unsaid, a lot of questions unanswered. And honestly, a lot of that was because we didn't have answers. And a lot was because it just didn't fit in this space.

This isn't an infertility blog. That's not the purpose of this little corner of the internet. So I didn't give many details, didn't share many thoughts on all that.

But that doesn't mean that I don't have stuff to say.

I want to let you know that even if you learn that you're not able to have children, or that having kids will be a struggle, it's okay. Life moves on. God is still good. I want to be an encouragement to those on this same path.

So today, I'll be sharing answers, the ones we know anyway, and filling in some of those gaps in our story of infertility.


  1. Way to be an encouragement to others. I personally can't relate but I know many people who can.

  2. Lovely. I have Celiac and had problems with infertility and several miscarriages. God blessed me with one daughter after years of trying and now I have four grandsons. God bless you and your family.

  3. It's a hard path we have to go sometimes. :-( I'm glad you seem to have found some peace with it though, and glad that you are getting to open up some conversations with your friends and family.

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing your story! God bless you!

  5. What a beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I wasn't sure whether to comment here or on your Amateur Nester interview. Thank you for sharing your story. By doing so you give voice to so many moms-at-heart who feel like the taboo is still too great. Without words like yours, I would never know how much trial and pain people I love have suffered, and I wouldn't have the words I need to offer my support and love. Here from Amateur Nester's linky.