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Blessings this Week: 07.10.2015

Well, then. 

Another week is gone, and here I am again, doing the work of counting out blessings. Really, I could be counting other things. You know? I could be counting all the unchecked boxes on my to-do list. I could be measuring all my failures this week. I could be pointing out disappointments and hurts.

Instead, I'm taking the time, the space, to remember something much greater than I am. I'm reminding my very-human heart, my ever-forgetful mind, of the grace, the goodness, the awe-inspiring love of my Creator. Because not only is He so deserving of my praise and thanks, but also because it puts my heart, my attitude, where they need to be.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Fireworks over the lake... while in a boat on the lake.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Little dog Nellie yapping in time at the firework pops

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Fourth of July Frisbee golf with three great guys

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Mulberries along the way

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Growing up, I always thought it would be fun to have brothers.

Now, through marriage, I'm blessed with two of them (and they don't even make fun of me when I lose, badly, at mini-golf).

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Warm summer nights

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Visits with cousins and video games

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

So, last week I was so excited about my (three) blooming lilies... and then this week walked up to this! So beautiful.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Power tools. Such a blessing.

This week around A Home Called Shalom....

We're continuing on our walk through the Fruit of the Spirit with a post about Patience--

In Season: Patience

by Sabra. Oftentimes, I think of patience from the perspective of being patient with my circumstances, patient with my expectations... of being patient when waiting on God.

I've done a lot of that, begrudgingly.

But Sabra's post really reminded and challenged me to look at how I am being patient with those around me- with my friends and family, with my co-workers, with the people I encounter every day.

We also got some lovely news that our post on Joy (you can read that one here), was a featured post! Very exciting, and quite an honor!

Next week, we'll be looking into the Fruit of Kindness- and how the Holy Spirit produces Kindness through us. Watch for that post on Tuesday!

Have a great week and weekend- keep counting those blessings!

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  1. Love it! I'm trying to count my blessings and focus on the positive and quit worrying about all the ways in which I fail. I'm reading Good News For Weary Woman by Elyse Fitzpatrick and now looking at Scripture and life through eyes of grace instead of rules and expectations is making such a positive change!

  2. I found you through the Grateful Heart Linkup! I love your opening paragraphs so much. It's so important to focus on positivity, God's grace, and our blessings. The Grateful Heart Link Up is always a great reminder for me to do that. Looking forward to following your blog! :)