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Close Encounters

It was a little after 6:30, and I was finally walking home for the day.

Work had been long, often frustrating, and I still had quite a "To Do" list under all those piled up papers on my desk.

I looked up from the sidewalk and saw him.

A little boy, probably about ten years old, standing in the parking lot at Camp.

My first, split-second reaction was, He's not supposed to be there. Where is his counselor? Chapel started ten minutes ago. 

And then I noticed how still he was. He was just standing there, stock-still (not typical for a ten-year-old boy). His eyes were fixed on a spot just beyond him.

And I looked.

That little boy- he was right where God wanted him to be.

This city kid, encountering God through His creation-- his awe and wonder were written all over his little face.

I forgot, you know?

I forgot, once again, that the extraordinary is all around us, that the miracle is in this moment, right now, even if I don't think it's where I'm supposed to be. Even if it's not part of my expectations.

The deer lifted its head and casually loped back into the woods, and the boy, like breaking from a trance, smiled wide and walked up to the chapel.

So often, my idea of what's "right" for another person is different than God's ideas. I like rules, control, plans and schedules. But lately, God's been showing me that many times, His dreams for those around me are to simply be- simply to know Him, to encounter Him.

I challenge you- today, in the midst of this ordinary moment- Stop. Look.

Encounter the living God. 


  1. Oh I love this!!!! I'm learning to live out my own puzzle pieces that God has created for me and quit trying to fit others pieces into my own puzzle or my pieces in theirs. It distorts the picture He intended.

  2. I have those moments too when I see something amazing and wonder if anyone else has seen it like a cat hiding in tall grass. I think God sends us those moments to remind us to always been on the look out. You never know when He's going to do something extraordinary and it can be in something as simple as spotting a deer. Stopping in wonder tells God, yes I did see it! Thank You for this perfect moment. It goes by but that smile...if no one else sees it, He certainly does :)

  3. What a gift to be able to observe this tender moment! Thank you for being alert to the lesson God had for you, and for sharing it with us at Grace & Truth, that many more might be blessed by it.

  4. I hope we never lose that sense of wonder. To be always in awe and to see God in the ordinary. This is a great reminder for all us "busy adults". :)