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Happy Mother's Day! (and why you don't need to feel sorry for me)

There's been a bit of talk around the interwebs about Mother's Day coming up this weekend. About how it's important to be sensitive to those who have empty wombs, to those who have lost children, to those who are struggling with infertility, like me. About how pastors need to recognize us as well.

Most of the time, yes. I'd agree. Sensitivity and awareness are important.

But when it comes to Mother's Day, no one needs to take my feelings into account. You don't need to feel sorry for me on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is not a day when I feel sad. 

See, I have my mother. Not only that, but I also have my grandmothers, and an awesome mother-in-law. They're all still on this side of heaven.

I'm one of the blessed ones on Mother's Day.

See, Mother's Day isn't about me.

It's not about you, either.

It's about honoring those women who have poured into each of our lives, whether they be our biological mothers or grandmothers, mothers by marriage, sisters or aunts, or, say, Speech coaches who spent lots of time dealing with our high-school drama.

These are the women we celebrate on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day isn't about my wait to be a mom. It's not about your struggle with miscarriage, or about your three-little-ones-under-three.

It's about all those ladies who made (and are still making) us who we are.

So instead of being concerned about infertile women on Mother's Day, pray for those who have lost a mother this year. Pray for those who never got to know their mothers. And pray for those who need a mother in their lives- a woman to pour into them.

Happy Mother's Day. Celebrate those wonderful women in your life! 

Who are the women who have poured into your life? What are your Mother's Day plans?


  1. great post. This something many people don't think about. Mother's day is a day for celebration. Not of ourselves but of those women who have had such a great influence in our lives :)

  2. Lovely post. I lost my mother 35 years ago. We both were so young. I think of her every day, not just on Mother's Day.

    1. I'm sure that you do, Kathe. Moms are such an important part of our lives. I'll be saying a special prayer for you this Mother's Day.

  3. I think this is a lovely post. Sincerely. I'm glad to see it hit the web. I'm popping over from The Peony Project today.

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  5. Well said. I agree, Mother's Day is a celebration not a time to feel sad.

  6. Awe, great post. I always like when people make a Facebook status tributing those who have lost their mothers or children. And this reminds me I should be honoring people other than my mother who have been like a mother to me as well.

  7. Very nice post. A great perspective.

  8. Ally, thank for this. Such a beautiful perspective!