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Four Quick Takes : growing boys, small successes

And ack, it's been a month since I've put pen to paper (or, well, fingers to keyboard) for this little space.

What a month it's been.

But we're not going to go into all that.... let's take small bites, shall we, and just talk about this week.

This week!

...   ...   ...

Starting with the most important thing... I've been reading my Bible.

Let's be clear, this is not a humble brag, because really it's more of a humble humble... because I haven't been reading my Bible AT ALL since these boys of mine were born. Like, not at all. And thanks to the inspiration of a sister in Christ on Instagram (who was 'introduced' to me by a dear friend), I've finally been getting consistent in the Word again. Finally. It's week 2, and typically I abandon ship by about now, so I'm sharing about it now in the hope that I continue to spend time daily in scripture.

...   ...   ...

And now probably the least important thing...

This! Counter! Is! Clean!!

This is the first thing you see when you walk into my house, and it's also a dumping ground. Perfect storm. Sink overflow, stray recycling, stuff that needs to go to the garage or the car, stuff coming in from the garage or the car.... it all ends up here. And it drives me bananas.

I've kept it clean all week. I know. Amazing.

...   ...   ...

It's nice to have that spot clean because for the majority of the past week I felt like the poor bathroom floor would never be clean again. Evert. Is. Potty training.

He has been ready to consistently use the potty for a while now, but mama wasn't ready to consistently take him to the potty and just get rid of the diapers.

Because he was so ready, I think, he's done awesome with the actual "getting to the potty" part and only had pee accidents on the very first day. We're doing pretty great.

The trouble is, he really, really enjoys 1) getting a rise out of his poor mama, and 2) tilting his hips juuuuust enough to change his aim and watch what happens. Physics. Arc exploration. You know. And because he now knows that I don't particularly care for that experiment, when I take him to the bathroom, he tests out his theories with enthusiasm. And the results are all over the floor. And my socks. But when Trevor takes him to the potty, all the pee magically ends up IN the potty...

I resorted to bribery, which, along with my commitment to just not react when he does it, seems to have done the trick for the time being... we'll see.

I'm still not so sure that I am ready for this guy to be so big. My mama heart relates no more diapers with the official end of babyhood, and my Evert can't be done being a baby yet, can he??? It went so fast! It really feels like it was just the other day that I flipped over in bed and my water broke. How is he such a big boy already?

Despite my sentimentality, I am really loving how much he's talking and getting some insight into his thoughts. He's just so funny, and has such big ideas. One of his big ideas is how he should smile in pictures. Can't get a natural smile out of the kid for anything.

During Koben's nap time this weekend, we took a wrap walk together just like we did when Evert was a little guy. He told me we were "on a bear hunt," and then later reported that we didn't see any bears because they were "at der houses. Bears needed a naaaaap." We had such a nice time. The snuggles and conversation were probably even more important for me than they were for him.

...   ...   ...

Little Koben, not to be left out of all this growing up, is bound and determined to get himself into some pretty elaborate predicaments now that he is pulling himself up on everything. If he can get into it, he will get into it.

His balance is questionable, but that doesn't stop him! He violently falls head first or topples over and smashes his head on stuff numerous times a day. The poor kid doesn't look too much the worse for the wear, but he does often have a red scrape or bump for a couple hours until it fades to make way for a new one.

He's now got six teeth... Four on the bottom, two on top. And only one of the ones on top is one of his 'two front teeth.' There's a tooth, a gap, and then another tooth. However, it looks like the other two of his top teeth will be along shortly, because they're ALL trying to break through at once, the poor little guy. He doesn't seem too phased by it during the day. He's too busy finding things to climb.

Despite all the adventuring he's doing, he is also going through some separation anxiety, which has been interesting. He wants me. Unless he's in a really good mood, he doesn't even want Daddy, he just wants me. Evert never really went through any of that (the little social butterfly), but Koben seems to be a bit more clingy to his mama. It's simultaneously super sweet and a teeny bit frustrating.

But don't worry, Trevor still gets plenty of Koben snuggles. Just not, you know, when I'm trying to get supper on the table.

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  1. Cherish these fleeting years when your children are small. I could swear I just had my first, but she is now 40 and her girls are 12 & 6!! The years fly by, faster and faster! Well done on getting back into reading your'll need the wisdom with the littles!! Nicely done in keeping that corner of counter clean - definitely a difficult thing to do - I have one, so I totally understand!