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7QT : imperfect progress, porridge, and grippy feet

So what's been going on around the ole Ally-sphere, you may be wondering.

Well lucky you, I've got mundane-life-type stuff to share!

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When last I wrote, I was explaining my goal for 2020 -- to be JOYFUL. And then telling you what I thought through in order to get me on the right track.

And of course, the very next day, I found myself knee deep in a Not So Joyful afternoon. Sigh.

Working on it. Progress, right? Small steps. But yeah, parenting is hard and marriage can be hard and life is just hard. Those are my wise words for today.

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Part of the reason for my blogging quietness lately has been the holidays. We had LOTS of holidays. I love seeing family, I love watching my kiddos interact with their cousins (such a wonderful gift to have fantastic nieces and nephews), but whew.

I was ready to be done.

We had a total of 6 Christmas parties. Not including our own small celebration at home. It was just a lot. And I'm ready to get back into our routine, and have regular nap times again. Because wowza, no nap Evert is quite an emotional mess, the poor kid.

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The other reason - I threw a baby shower for my sister!! Yay! I'm not much if a party planner person, but we got it done and I think everyone had a good time. I had a lot of help. I'll have to write about it more later because I'm super proud of my amateur party and plan to take the majority of the credit for it. Just you wait.

...   .4.   ...

I find myself almost constantly concerned about keeping things fair between these kids.

For example... when Evert was small, I read to him so, so much. But poor Koben... if we manage to get a book in, he's always distracted by Evert (who inevitably wants to read, too) and it becomes a big struggle over everyone sitting on my lap and then Koben is busy trying to eat Evert's ear instead of listening to the book. Evert has such a love of reading, and I worry that I haven't given enough effort to fostering Koben's love of books.

And it's not even really about the books. It's about feeling like I'm not doing enough to help each kid thrive and that one is getting more from me than the other. I feel like if I can't do things exactly the same for each child, they'll have these huge deficits or will resent their brother. I always feel a bit behind. Is that just part of having more than one kiddo?

...   .5.   ...

Evert continues to be absolutely hilarious. After reading "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," he insists on having 'porridge' for breakfast and heaven forbid you mistakenly call it oatmeal (even though it's oatmeal.) "NOT oatmeal, Mama. POR-ridge. POR!! ridge." Every time he sits at the table, he also says, in his very lowest voice, "Who's been sitting in MY chair?"

I was also surprised to learn at naptime two days ago that his stuffed teddy bear named "Tigey" is no longer named Tigey. It's name is now Norah. I have no idea where that came from. Your guess is as good as mine.

...   .6.   ...

Koben is officially on the move. He's still not quite crawling, but his scoot is super fast, and he's into everything. He especially enjoys trying to grab the robot vacuum, finding power cords, and most of all, loves getting riiiight up in Evert's business and trying to take whatever Evert is working on. And Evert rarely responds positively. So. That's been... challenging. Lots and lots of mediation going on around here.

Koben seems determined to get into tricky situations -- getting himself stuck under Daddy's chair, getting himself stuck under the new slide, finding any tiny scrap of anything that the vacuum didn't pick up (or that Evert dropped) and eating it... I forgot how much work it is to keep a busy, mobile baby from injuring himself. Haha.

...   .7.   ...

Adding a slide to our climbing triangle has added a new, fun element to our playtime. Evert spends quite a bit of time on it - between actual sliding, throwing toys down the slide, and walking up it while saying "climb up up up da mountain!!" the slide gets used a LOT. And Evert has realized that his feet are too slippery to walk up the slide if he's wearing footie jammies, so he disrobes and runs around in just his diaper for the majority of the day. He explains "Evert feet have grippies." So there you go.

So that's what we've been up to lately!

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