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This Week: 04.27.2018

Grateful For:
A caring family, sunshine, warm days, my husband's currently flexible work schedule.

Amused By: We had a bunch of grapes get wrinkly before we got to eating them, and Trevor tossed them outside. I had a lot of fun watching a cute bunny rabbit nibbling on them.

It's the small things, right? Or maybe I need to get out more...

Baby likes bacon... 

Surprised About: How incredibly sharp baby teeth are. Ouch!

Working On: Oh lots of things! We started organizing and figuring out our plans for the second floor of the house (including the one thing of my heart's desire... getting rid of the blue shag carpet!!!). I feel like we have so many things in the works.. it's a little overwhelming at the moment. It'll get done.

Shopping For:
We made a really big purchase this week... well, okay, two really big purchases... with summer in mind!

First, we know we want to do some biking this summer, and so we got this bike trailer/stroller. The big wheels will hopefully make it more doable on the gravel roads, but we'll probably use it more behind a bike. Excited!!

We also got a backpack carrier for Trevor. I love wearing little E with a woven wrap... Trevor's not sold on the idea. This summer will call for lots of hiking as well as biking, and so we got Trevor a new toy to wear E, too. We'll have to see how well this fits my big hubby!

Smitten With: that fresh-air sunshine grass-growing smell. Smells like Spring. It's about time!

Reading: Well, I didn't get much reading done this week, but these guys did...

Writing: I continued my series in Mark on Monday with a blog post about letting the fact that I feel unqualified and inexperienced get in the way of God's calling. (You can read it right here)

And this week's circumstances brought that to mind again and again. God always seems to know exactly what I need to write about... because I'm going to preach it to myself in the next moment.

Cooking: An easy, quick favorite around here-- Ham Tetrazzini. I add a can of peas.


Somebody cute had his very first tooth poke through this week! He's getting so big and I can hardly handle it.

He's also doing AMAZINGLY at sleeping without a swaddle for his naps-- it was a big struggle last week, which was no fun for anyone, but he seems to be adjusting well. He's grown out of all his sleep sack swaddles and we want to help him to learn to sleep without one before he can get to a sitting position on his own. We're making progress! Maybe next week we'll try sleeping overnight without a swaddle (yikes).


About the teeth poking through. My typically happy guy has just been a bit out of sorts this week, and I'm blaming those mean old teeth. Poor fella.

Currently: It's around 8:30, we had a busy day and took advantage of the longer daylight hours, and we're just sitting down to a supper of leftovers! The baby's sleeping, there's a fire in the fireplace.... who could ask for more?

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  1. Love your blessings,especially the little blessing!

  2. Changing sleep habits are hard for anyone, but we all adjust. You have such an adorable little guy, so obviously loved. The tooth...I was blessed that all my kids got their first tooth right around their first birthday, but I know that even a gummy bite hurts! Just like a puppy or kitty, those teeth are sharp at first!! I'll pray that the overnight without swaddling goes well. Could you just make the swaddle looser every night so it is a gradual adjustment for about a week?