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The Speckled Goat's "Tops" of 2016

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It's hard to believe another year has come and gone.

Usually, I'm one of those flakes who starts projects and doesn't finish them... but this marks yet another year that I've been consistently writing here. Which is in part surprising, and in part shows me that I'm pretty blessed to have found something that I am passionate about.

And I'm glad that you, my loyal readers, find my words encouraging and valuable.

It's been another great year, so let's do a little review!

Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2016

10) Light to My Feet

Ah, the Bible. I took a risk with this post and admitted that sometimes, the Bible is clear as mud to me. It was a great start to an awesome series on how we can understand the Bible better.

9) My Long Distance Relationship Was Super Awesome

Dating long distance sucks, but for us, it was a really positive thing in the long run. I think it was popular because so many long distance relationships need a little encouragement.

8) Half Truth Prince

A look into how Satan uses half-truths to turn us away from God. Also, the picture is a special one to me... I took it of Trevor holding a giant snake on our first vacation together. But that's besides the point.

7) Unnamed Summer

This was a hard one to write, because it was so bittersweet. We've loved our jobs and our home, but it was time to move on and start a new adventure... as hard as I fought it.

6) Making Bible Time a Priority

I struggle so much with this... and I think a lot of you do, too, which is why it was a popular post. This was the first post in a great series about how to get into the Word.

5) How Should a Christian Vote?

Controversial subject here! But unlike so many bloggers sharing political opinions, I decided to take it another direction and talk about heart attitudes, not political standpoints. This was also part of a series that I really needed to write (because as Christians, the way we live matters).

4) So, Wait, What Are You Doing to Your House?: A Farmhouse Update

<Sniffle> Looking back at this post makes me miss my little farmhouse so bad. Lots of pictures of remodeling in this one.

3) Grave Clothes and a New Year

We all want to step out of our old selves and into our new selves... but sometimes the things we carry are exactly what prevents us from moving on.

2) Even So

I poured out a piece of my heart in this one, and I think that's why it hit home with so many people. It was shared several times, which made me feel like this message really resonated with readers.

1) Seamless Review

This Bible study review was the most searched for post on my blog. Seriously. Lots of people are looking for a great Bible study, and I really enjoyed this one. Glad I could help!

Top Guest Post of 2016

I really like having other bloggers contribute to my site, especially when they're also my dear friends in real life.

My dear friend Cryss honored me with guest posting on my site this year, with this wonderful article: Who Cares about Cubits? It's really insightful, and explains why there are so.many.details included in the Bible about the tabernacle. Go read it. It's great.

Top Blogs I'm Into Lately

The Peculiar Treasure - this girl is such a cheerleader. Her encouragement and positivity are just awesome.

Dance in the Rain by Vaeetha Rendall Risner - honest and encouraging in the deep stuff

Shannon Martin Writes - her authenticity is inspiring, and she always makes me think

The Gingered Whisk - amazing recipes, cute red head friend.

Top 3 Things I Need From You

1) Your Support

The best way to support this blog and this harebrained scheme of mine is by sharing posts that you love or were challenged or touched by.

By sharing my posts on social media, you are doing two major things- giving me some encouragement, and hopefully passing along some encouragement to your friends. Thank you so much .

2) Your Thoughts

I care about what you think. My e-mail inbox is always open (I kind of hate that I just said that...)- feel free to e-mail me anytime at ally(at)thespeckledgoatblog(dot)com.

1) Most Importantly, Your Prayers

Really. I do spend time praying over this mini-ministry of mine, asking God to give me stuff that He wants me to say. He really comes through with that, every single time.

Join me in praying for this little project of mine- that more people would know the good news of the Gospel or see a little bit of Christ here on this blog.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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