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Other Stuff You Should Be Reading, and Yes, I Started another New Project.

Maybe you've noticed (or, you know, maybe you haven't...) that there's a new tab in my menu bar.

If you noticed, gold star for you. 

If you didn't notice, the new tab is for a new project I started without thinking through completely. I do that.

But it was one of those things that has turned out so very well, and I'm glad I didn't over think it and talk myself out of starting it.

Basically, it's a blog directory for posts by Christian bloggers, organized by book of the Bible. So, if you're looking for a devotion or post about, say, Romans 2, you can go look at all the Romans posts on the directory.

Kind of cool, no?

It's been a ton of work to start putting up all the posts that have been submitted, but I've been really enjoying reading such rich and beautiful words from so many bloggers I didn't know before!

Here are three of my favorite posts on the directory so far: 

Loving My Neighbor: Sincerely, Shannon

"I can hold my ground, not budge an inch, wrap myself up in my rightness and write him off as rude, and impossible, which would probably only convince him that I'm the one being un-neighborly.

Or I can love my neighbor, I can give him grace."

Poison Envy: Love, Gem

Rachel was trying to catch up with Leah. We can all relate to this… Do we not also try to fill up the emptiness with things? Are we not also guilty of keeping up with the Joneses?

On Judging Others: A Lady in France

In certain cases, it is natural – even good – to judge. But in other cases, it falls outside of God’s will for our life. I want to clarify the difference, and offer a way out so that we’re not tempted to judge beyond what God has asked of us.

So good.

Check out more of these great bloggers and the truths they've found in the Word on the Blogging through the Bible directory! And, if you're a blogger, feel free to submit posts to be included by using the "submit a post" tab.

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