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Blessings this Week: 3.24.2016 Edition

Sharing the little blessings in my life, even the ones that are speckled. (Like the snow. But we'll get there.)

...  ...  ...  ...

Last Saturday brought about a really great opportunity for me- I got to go to my very first blogging conference. (!!)

There was a ton of information- I'm still mentally sorting through it all- but even better than all the things I learned were the relationships I made.

I loved talking to other people about blogging- I loved laughing with them and seeing people who I only knew through words and pictures in  a real-life, face-to-face setting.

It was a wonderful day. 

...  ...  ...  ...

This cold winter meant that we burned though a lot of our split wood (have I mentioned that I love my fireplace? I love my fireplace). 

One evening this week, Trevor and I ventured into another of the buildings on our little farm to bring out some of the wood we have in storage.

We have a lot. 

...  ...  ...  ...

I've nearly been late for work a couple of mornings this week because I have too much fun watching the birds through my window. They puff themselves up, perch on the railing, and cheep at one another, grouchily- I would assume they're complaining about the cold.
...  ...  ...  ...

...  ...  ...  ...

Yesterday's rain turned into snow... Trevor called it "Dippin' Dots" snow.

(Bear watches on, wondering if this means he'll be sleeping inside tonight...)

...  ...  ...  ...

And this was my view this morning.

As the sunshine nearly blinded me on the way to work, I couldn't help but think of the image of Christ making us white as snow.

White as snow, we reflect the Son, bringing light to the world.

...  ...  ...  ...

You may be wondering why this weekly blessings list is going up today instead of Friday (and hey, you may not care at all! What do I know?).

Tomorrow we celebrate Good Friday. 

As a kid, I remember wondering why we called it "good" when it is the day we remember Jesus being beaten, mocked, humiliated, and ultimately killed.

What's good about that? 

My study through Leviticus this Lent season has really opened my eyes even more to the goodness of Christ's sacrifice for us.
He came to be an extravagant substitute, taking my place (and then some)
He came to fill me up, daily, completely- to provide for my very soul.
He came to celebrate with me, to have fellowship with me- so I can have a relationship with him. 
He came to cleanse me and make me holy
He came to pay my debt, plus

All this, through his death. Good Friday truly is a good day-- oh, how he loves us! 

Happy Easter to you and yours-- remember the overwhelming love, the ultimate blessing- that we celebrate this weekend. 

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