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Choosing Paint, And Why We Went with Diamond Vogel: A Farmhouse Update

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To be perfectly honest, when we started this house project, I had no idea what I was doing.

Still don't, for the most part.

I'm learning as I go.

But one thing that I did know, right from the start, was that I wanted to use quality paint to paint all of our interior walls.

Painting is inconvenient even if you do it right, but it can be a huge ole pain in the neck if you don't do it right. There's really no sense in using cheapy-cheap paint and then repainting everything because  a) it looks terrible or b) it chips, fades, peels, or just does funny cheap-paint things.

I'm all for doing things right the first time.

But what paint brand to go with?

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There are so many quality brands of paint out there, and to be honest, most are pretty comparable as far as cost goes.

So, why choose Diamond Vogel for paint? Glad you asked.

Diamond Vogel is Locally Owned and Operated

In choosing paint, I knew that Diamond Vogel was a strong contender right from the beginning, first because they make quality paint, and then because they're so local. The company began in Northwest Iowa, where the corporate headquarters remains to this day.

I really try to make purchases that are local or small-business as much as possible. I like supporting companies that are based nearby and keep local economies healthy, even through my small purchases.

So, after scouting out their website and gathering some of my questions, I decided to head to my local service center to get more info, find colors, and price stuff out.

Diamond Vogel has Great Customer Service (Seriously? Great.)

The folks at my service center were so friendly and so helpful.

I really had no idea what colors I wanted, but I explained my hopes for our little farmhouse (you know... simple but classy, true to the historic roots of the house, and something that would reflect the farmhouse vibe without being white-white-white), and the manager pointed me in the right direction.

She seemed genuinely excited and interested in our house project, and even stayed and listened to me babble for about fifteen minutes after the store closed.

She's awesome. I'm thinking about sending her a Christmas card.

Diamond Vogel Makes It Easy to Choose the Perfect Colors

I had such a hard time choosing colors. Really. Mostly because I'm pretty wishy-washy, and partly because I was putting a lot of pressure on this decision. It's a big deal!

Fortunately, Diamond Vogel has a nifty website tool to help get me started, but even that fell short of talking to a real live person about my paint choices.

The manager of the store listened to all of my ideas about how I wanted the house to look- unified, colorful-but-not-too-colorful, true to the history of the house... and she pointed me toward some of their awesome color collections. (Great customer service. Did I already say that?)

I ended up choosing colors from Diamond Vogel's Historic Lifestyles collection- a collection that has such great hues that make it super easy to put together a cohesive palette. Seriously, I'm pretty sure any of those colors could "go" with any other color in the collection and still look good. Not even I could screw it up.

Diamond Vogel is Reasonably Priced

I was a little worried that between the awesome color choices and the great service, this project was going to be super expensive. I was more than pleasantly surprised to learn that Diamond Vogel was about the same cost as the mid-to-high quality paint at Menards. Win.

Diamond Vogel is Quality Stuff

I have to take my mother-in-law's word for it... because I don't paint much.

She does.

So when my oft-painting mother-in-law cracked open the first can of paint (Elevate ceiling paint was where we started), and pronounced that it "covers really well!" I knew we'd gotten some good quality stuff. She was impressed with how well the paint covered as well as the evenness.

Having little experience myself, all I can tell ya is that the colors are awesome, the paint covered up even the blue-and-white stripes in just one coat, and the formerly dark maroon dining room looks like a whole new light and airy space.

Love. It.

Our Farmhouse Colors We Chose

Ultimately, we decided on this cast of colors:

So pretty. And I can't wait to show you how the rooms look now!

To check out Diamond Vogel's selection, have some fun with the paint selector tools, and find a service center near you, check out their website.

Oh, and stay tuned-- I'll be sharing some before-and-afters of our little farmhouse as we complete rooms... and then you can see the paint in action!

Well...  er, on the walls, anyway. Not sure that counts as "action."

**Sponsored Post? 
This is a sponsored post. In exchange for my honest review and for providing details about which paint brand we used on our home, I received discounted paint from Diamond Vogel. All reviews or sponsored posts represent the opinion of the author of the blog-- me-- based on my own personal use and results. My opinions don't change because of any discount or complimentary product. I only review products that I would purchase for my home or my family.


  1. Ah, so fun! Remodeling is so much work, but I love the creative aspect of it. Also, I am in LOVE with your blog name, and picture of that goat. Too cute! Did you design it?

    1. Oh, thanks, Bethany! We're really excited about the remodel-- it's turning out even better than I hoped for!

      Thanks for the compliment about the blog name-- I can't claim the goat, though! I have a graphic designer friend who drew the little fella up for me-- she's so talented!

  2. I have always wanted to buy a house that is a fixer-upper! You're brave for taking this on, but it will be worth it!

    1. Thanks, Alyssa! I don't know about "brave" so much as "overly ambitious!" We're loving the process!

  3. I love your colors...great choices. I can't wait to see the finished rooms!

  4. I'm just about to start doing some painting myself and will check this out! Thanks for the info!

  5. We are in the process of painting. I hate hate hate painting!

    1. Really? I don't mind painting nearly as much as, say, scraping carpet glue off the floor. ;)

  6. Lovely color selection! Looks like you have excellent taste ;)

  7. Love this review! I've never heard of Diamond Vogel... I wonder if it's a regional product? Either way I love the colors that you picked! Can't wait to see how the whole house turns out! Thanks for linking up at this weeks Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party! Can't wait to see what you link up next week!