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The World Needs to See Us

"There's so much junk on the internet."

"I feel like the media is so anti-Christian these days."

"Nothing on TV is good anymore. Even the 'family shows' aren't really family friendly."

"Everything on the radio has terrible lyrics."

Most of us have heard sentiments like these. I know that I complain about it in my own home- just try to find a TV show that doesn't, at least offhandedly, normalize pre-marital sex. Almost impossible. (And if you know of one, share. I need more TV.)

The lack of media that represents my values? It's one of the reasons I blog.

Don't get me wrong- primarily, I blog because I like it.

It's really fun.  I tend to enjoy attention (cough, cough). I've always liked writing, and photography and graphic design and fonts and coding are things I like to play around with. I'm not necessarily very good at any of those things, but I do think they're fun. And I enjoy learning it.

But I'd be lying to say that I only write on this little blog for the fun of it.

Some of my motivation comes down to truth.

There are so many lies out there. I don't really think that the number of lies has changed in the past fifty years... it's just that we have so many more ways to consume them now. It's easier to swallow the lies when they're everywhere, in everything.

Of course, there are also so many ways to find truth.

There are tons of great websites out there that shout the truth of God's love for us from the digital rooftops. I listen to Christian radio or use Pandora's customized Christian stations to get my groove on (who even says that?). Lately, there have been lots of good movies put out- God's Not Dead and Fireproof, for example. There are plenty of real Christians with real lives and real questions and problems who are sharing their faith courageously with the world.

I want to be one of those people.

I think many of us want to be one of those people- using our interests and gifts to glorify God.

I'm here to say- Do it.

If you make a mean meatloaf, if you can sing or play guitar, if you can plan a party like no one's business, if you can write or take pictures or act or dance or encourage... do it. Use your gifts. Make a difference.

This world needs to see more of us. More of our struggles, more of how we find our hope, more of how we serve, more of how we love.


  1. It's very extremely hard to find something that reflects Christian values in the media. I mostly don't listen to radio or watch TV anymore. When I do watch something it's from Netflix and I get myself prepared emotionally beforehand, because I know it won't relect the way I think we should live our lives.
    You should put some share buttons here so I could tweet your posts, so that we would be even more visible :)

  2. I'm with Joanna Sormunen on the media -- I mean, once I finished Pride and Prejudice and The Lord of the Rings series, I was pretty much done with whatever I was interested in. All people, not just Christians, would have an easier time thinking, and thinking for themselves, if they would turn off the box and go knit, or plant a tomato plant, or just sit and talk to the dog.

    Like you, I began blogging because I had something to say, and since nobody appeared to be saying it, I just started. It is vitally important for regular, real people to start speaking up about regular, real reality, and encourage others out there.

    1. So true. I must admit, I really like TV. ; ) The trouble is finding anything worth watching! We do watch some movies and a lot of Andy Griffith, but more and more, I'm finding that our TV time is limited. I definitely agree that my time could be better spent in other areas!

  3. We do indeed need to "let our lights shine before men," that they might glorify our Father! Too many of us are hiding our lights under baskets - too fearful or too self-righteous or too unbelieving to engage the world around us. Thanks for linking up with us at Grace & Truth!