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Blessings this Week: 04.03.2015

Decorating (one nail short). 

Trevor: "It's like it's jumping!"


A full weekend of high school campers


I was wrong about it being the final snow last week... but the inch we did get this week was melted before I had a chance to take a picture of it! Hopefully that was the last snow of the season!


An open lake



Wearing short sleeves!!


A motorcycle ride into town for lunch


Evening thunderstorms


 And of course (of course), the biggest blessing of them all, celebrated today.

That God humbled Himself and came to earth to be born, fully God and fully man. That He walked on this soil with us, spent years in our dusty, muddy mess full of hurt and sin and anger. And that finally, He suffered at the hands of those He came to save. He died for our sins, that we could be called children of God.

He became God With Us, so that we could be forever with God.

By His wounds we are healed.

What greater gift is there than this?

Have a blessed Good Friday, and a beautiful, victorious Easter!

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