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Blessings this Week: 02.27.2015

A sunny weekend, big windows, and the stuff of life. 


Coffee brewing smell


Getting to meet a new little baby & addition to the Camp Family! 


My husband's penchant for one-track gift ideas. Oh, and his willingness to spend 45 minutes in Hobby Lobby with me when he really just wanted to go to Menards. 



Opening the front door to this...


Dinner out with some dear Camp friends

(and apparently learning that my camera does cool things with light when I take pictures in the dark. Who knew?)


... well, it's been a quiet week around here for the most part.

I was featured (!!!) on Blogs by Christian Women this week, with my post about Christians what conflict really says about my own heart (a lesson I'm continuing to learn every day):

Splashing Out

I was actually featured on BCW one time before as well- you can see that post here:

Not Consumed

I've also got some stuff underway for my "Keeping the Peace" series... you can't wait. I can tell. I also have a couple other things that I'd like to delve into. Time permitting. That's the key, isn't it? Where to find the time?

Also, if there's anything you'd like to see (er, read) on this little slice of the internet, I'd definitely be willing to consider it. More pictures of the lake? A Bible study? Blogging tips? More pictures of Trevor? (Not sure I can do that last one... he's about had it with me and the camera as it is.) If you do have anything (reasonable) that you'd like to suggest, you can
  e-mail me. (Just click that link there).


Speaking of pictures of Trevor.

Have a great weekend! Find the blessings- they're everywhere! 

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