God Makes A Way: A Series through the Offerings in Leviticus, and The One Who Fulfills them All

Honestly, sometimes, reading the Bible is so hard. Like, really really hard. Especially when we get to the random books... like Leviticus. Ugh.

So many a well-intentioned Bible reader has gotten swamped at Leviticus. It's a killer of Bible-in-a-year plans. It often makes no sense, and who cares, and why is this even in here, anyway?

I mean, as followers of Christ, Paul says we are free from the law. So, why does Leviticus matter to me, anyway? How does it apply to my life?

As easy as it may be to just write off the entire book of Leviticus, we know that all scripture is useful for instruction and education and hope. Even the seemingly random, super-detailed offerings in Leviticus.

When we remember that the Bible is really all one big story, and that the Old Testament points powerfully to the hope that is only in Christ, we can find deep, rich, beautiful meaning in the text. Those Levitical offerings? They were all fulfilled, once and for all.

To read about each offering and about how they all point to the One Who fulfills them completely, in a way we never would have expected, go ahead and click on the images below.

(I'd recommend starting with "God Comes To Us"- it's a good overview.)

God comes to us: Hope in Leviticus God provides a substitute: the burnt offering God provides a way to be filled: the grain offering God provides a way for us to be with Him: the fellowship offering God provides a way for us to be clean: the purification offering God provides a way out of debt: the reparation offering