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Love in the Time of Coronavirus : showing honesty, humility, generosity, and kindness to our online neighbors

Well, here we are.

What a bizarre and exhausting two weeks it's been. There's been so much information, and so much of the information has changed drastically in the past few days, even. I don't envy our leaders as they scramble to try to determine how best to respond.

In stark contrast to the dramatic changes in lifestyle, circumstance, and responsibility around me; my God stays the same. A rock in the middle of a raging, confusing sea. And what a comfort that is to me.

As a Christian, I have been thinking hard about the way I, myself, should respond in all of this- especially in terms of how I'm using social media and the internet. 

I've spent quite a bit of the last week on my phone. I've been reading all the information I can find, and I've used social media to gauge how my friends and family around the country are being affected. Personally, I've got some "natural social distancing" going on. As a stay at home mama with children who are too young to be in school, living in a rural area, I don't get out much in a normal week, so not much has really changed in my own daily routines, but I'm watching. Through my phone, through Facebook and Instagram, through the internet, I'm watching.

Isn't it amazing how connected we all can be through the use of technology? I know that I'm grateful for the ability to talk to people even when we have to be apart. It's such a blessing to be in community in the midst of isolation.

However, all this technology? It's a double edged sword. A quick scroll through Facebook brings up nine different heated arguments, lots of differing information, and a whole slew of uncharitable comments.

It's really too bad, because as far as community goes, the internet and social media are what we've got right now. 

These are the meeting grounds, these are the forums, these are the support groups and the water coolers and the gathering places that we'll be frequenting in the coming weeks.

So as a Christian, how can I best show love on the internet in such a time as this? Here are a couple of my thoughts.

Honesty and Humility

There is so, so much information going around right now. As believers, we need to stand for truth in the middle of all of it. Before I share a piece of information, I want to be sure it's truthful - so I will check the facts before I share. Sharing articles or memes that are untrue is the same as lying to my neighbor. 

And perhaps even more importantly, I need to be humble and recognize that my voice may not be valuable. I am not a specialist. I have never studied public health. I am not an infectious disease expert. My opinion on how things should have been done differently, or my opinion about whether or not a decision was an overreaction is not necessarily something I need to share with the world. I choose to stay quiet about matters that I don't understand, and listen to people who know more than I do. 


While I choose to not share about things I know nothing about, I choose to freely and openly share the things I know. I have some ideas on keeping toddlers busy at home. I know some things about being a stay at home parent. I know a few cheap meal ideas, I have experience with cloth diapers and wipes... I can give tips, advice, or encouragement about matters in which I have experience. I may not be able to physically help someone right now, but I can use my time and the things I've learned to be a blessing to someone else.

The internet and social media are great tools for me to learn about ways I can physically help my neighbor. As a Christian, I want to show my love for my local community by sharing or giving away what I do have. I can use technology to see the needs around me so that I can meet those needs. Share food, share diapers, share toilet paper.


Speaking of toilet paper... I've seen post after post about how horrible people are hoarding things they don't need and causing shortages for the rest of us. We've all seen something about that, right? It's everywhere.

My mom called today and told me that she was scolded in the grocery store for "hoarding" toilet paper. She was buying three packages (one for each of my sisters' families - two of whom haven't been able to find toilet paper at all for their normal use, and one who just had a baby). It got me thinking - we have seen so much negativity that we are jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts. I choose to think the best of people instead of assuming the worst. Let's work on giving one another the benefit of the doubt.

I've seen (and participated in) another unkindness that is all over my homeschooling and stay-at-home parenting circles online. So many parents suddenly have their kids at home all day because of school and daycare closures. Stay-at-home parents (including me) have been finding it humorous to see their panicked posts about what to do with their kids all day. We've been making fun of them a bit.

I was thinking about it, though... and this was such a sudden and dramatic change in routine for so many families. I like my routines. I like having a plan. Of course these parents are struggling with such a huge change! I would be thrown for quite a loop if I suddenly had to be away from my kids and be a working parent.. It's unkind to tease or make fun of people for struggling with a new way of life (even if it looks like regular life for my family). I want to try to be encouraging to people who have had their lives turned upside down

I want to show love and hope, I want to bring light and peace. I'm clinging tight to the Gospel, and I'm spending time in prayer. I'm asking for wisdom and prudence and faith. And these are the choices that I'm making right now to show love to my online neighbors in the face of COVID-19 .

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