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Advent : preparing our hearts, preparing our homes {Week One}

December is often a very, very full month. Between preparing for Christmas, all the celebrations and parties, keeping everyone fed and clean, and trying to keep up with just the regular things that keep my house running, I feel like things fall through the cracks.

Like preparation.

There's usually a huge (often not very cheerful) rush to clean all the things when we have company coming. I never feel like my house is really all that prepared. And honestly, my heart is even less so. I often find myself with a bad attitude, or unconfessed sin, or relationship conflicts that really stem from my own heart issues. I need to get my heart prepared so that I can fully engage, fully experience, and fully worship during this very special season. That's really what Advent is all about- preparing our hearts.

So this year, I came up with a little "Advent calendar" to help me prepare my heart as well as my home. I figured I'd share what I'm planning! Here's the first week!

Monday, December 2

Heart: Jeremiah 23:24 

Think about any "secret places" you may have in your heart today. What are you keeping hidden from God? Is there anything you need to confess? Are there any areas of your life in which you feel you're holding back from God? While you work on your home today, search your heart and spend some time in prayer.

Home: Junk Drawer

I think every home has a junk drawer, right? I can't be the only one. Or maybe in your house, it's a cabinet or a box.... whatever. You get the idea. Get that thing cleaned and organized! Take everything out, clean the drawer itself, and then organize and toss or put away the things that don't need to be taking up space there. Replace the other stuff in a neat, easy to find way.

Tuesday, December 3

Heart: Luke 12:2-3

This is a hard one. The attitude of my heart, the grumbling under my breath, the whispered complaints? All those are fully and totally known to God. All the places of my heart that I hide from other people, the dark shadowy places, are bright as day to the Father. Do some thinking about your attitude. What things are you whispering in your home? Where do you need forgiveness? Ask for God's strength and transformation in the attitude of your heart.

Home: Behind Furniture

Pick one room (I'm doing the living room) and move furniture so you can clean under and behind the stuff that's usually there. And who knows, you may find all those lost socks that have been plaguing your laundry basket!

Wednesday, December 4

Heart: Matthew 6:6

Take some time to think about your prayer life. Right now, my prayer life is mostly of the "before meals and before bed" variety, and mostly centers around building the prayer life of my children. My own prayer time has really fallen short, especially those secret room prayers. Spend some time in prayer while you work today. I will be asking for help to strengthen this very important part of my relationship with God.

Home: Clear a Closet

I'm super guilty of shoving junk into closets and just closing the door. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Choose one closet (just one!!) and pull everything out. Clean the closet itself, then replace the things that should be there and toss or put away the rest.

Thursday, December 5

Heart: Psalm 27:4-5

God has promised us that He will be a safe place and a shelter from our enemies. Are you trusting Him to do that? Have you shared your fears with Him? While you're working today, pray about the things you've been worrying about and the things that you fear.

Home: Refrigerator

Speaking of things I fear... the questionable content that has started to grow in the leftover container in the back of my fridge? That thing is terrifying. Time to clear it out! Take everything out, dump the stuff that needs to be dumped, wipe down the drawers and shelves, and put back the food.

Friday, December 6

Heart: Luke 11:33-36

I'm always challenged by this passage to take stock in the things I'm watching and reading. Take some time today to consider the content of the movies, TV shows, books, or social media that you see. Are there changes that need to be made? If so, how can you set yourself up to be successful with those changes? (Get rid of certain movies? Set a limit on your phone usage?)

Home: Entertainment Center

Ours is full of games and movies and I never put a DVD back in it's proper case... so it's a mess. Take everything out of any drawers or shelves, dust, and then put things away where they belong.

Saturday, December 7

Heart: Exodus 33:19-22

God's face was once hidden from us, but because of Christmas, humanity sees in a tiny baby the very face of God. We no longer have to be hidden in a cleft in the rock. We now get to see Him, talk with Him, have a relationship with Him, thanks to the sacrifice of Christ. Spend some time thinking about that gift today. 

Home: Free Day

Have a hidden spot in your home that could use a good cleaning? Have to catch up on something else? Want to spend some time today curled up with a good book or playing in the snow with your children? Go for it.

And that's the first week of Advent! Stay tuned for week 2!

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  1. This is fantastic what you’re doing. I’m going to try my best and join you. Bless you for sharing xx

  2. Great ideas and well overdue in my heart and home. Thanks!