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Mark and Messy Disciples: a review so far {Blogging through the Bible}

Have you ever started a project that turned into something much, much bigger than you'd expected?

I have.

In fact, I do it all the time... (for example, refer to my idea of refinishing the wood floors in our house). I start with the idea and I understand the basic concept, but the actual execution is much, much more intense that I expect.

This devotional series in Mark has been no different.

To be honest, when I started exploring the book of Mark, I kind of thought that pointing out the mistakes the disciples made in this book and then how we as Christians make the same mistakes would be somewhat uncomplicated. What I didn't realize was that this series was going to expose me.

The past few weeks have been much more challenging than I expected.

Every single devotion I've written in this series has unearthed a piece of my soul that I didn't realize needed to be dredged up.  After taking a break from writing devotions while we recovered from the unexpected craziness of having our baby and learning how to do life as a family of three, I didn't really expect to jump right back in with a deep, soul searching, self-exploratory string of posts. It definitely wasn't my plan.

So far, I've realized that my walk as a disciple has been incredibly cushy and safe, and that I sit in my salvation without doing much to grow.

I've learned that (yet again) my need to find the approval of other people drives me to neglect God's real plans for me.

I've been confronted with the fact that I am so, so forgetful when it comes to God's love for me and His incredible power.

I have been haunted by the things I don't do, the things I don't notice, and the truths that I don't want to hear.

And I'm not even done with the book, yet.

I have to say, God's been really putting me through the wringer. And the wringer is called Mark.

But that's how God grows us, isn't it? By challenging, pushing, bringing things into our lives that we didn't expect and didn't ask for... or sometimes in giving us exactly what we asked for. It's the blessing of the speckled goats. Growing in the things we didn't expect.

And so I wanted to take this week to just stop and reflect and think about the things God has shown me so far.

And just in case you missed any of it, here are all the devotions in the series so far...

failing followers devotion messy discipleship gospel of mark  gospel of mark pressure popularity and human approval devotion  god cares and is powerful mark gospel devotion 
jesus is the solution to the hurt of the world mark gospel devotion feeding the five thousand  focusing on the wrong things leads us to miss the miracle mark gospel devotion  rejecting hard truths authority of scripture 

Here's to the growing, my friends. May we journey well.

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  1. Safe is easy, moving out of our comfort zone to do something hard (and out of our depth) is where God's strength gets to shine in our weakness. Pruning is difficult and requires adjustment of the plant, but it does result in an improved harvest. So glad you are being challenged by your study of Mark...God excels with challenges!!

  2. God wants us to step out in faith - He will be there with us