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A Quick Update

So, this year is starting out very differently than I expected.

(You'd think I'd be used to this by now-- but nope. Surprises me every time.)

We're not in Colorado this winter.

Baaaaasically a perfect symbol of our trip. Colorado: Road Closed.

I've been a radio-silent about our massive change of plans-- in part because a baby is hungry and I haven't yet found a way to balance all the things I want to do (like blog and shower) with all the things I have to do-- and in part because it's kind of embarrassing.

We packed up everything, turned off everything, closed up everything, and drove twelve hours (not including stops for food and diaper changes and gas)... and then we got to Colorado and everything fell apart and so we came right back.

And so much-- so so much-- of this whole thing could have been avoided if we'd gotten stuff figured out in advance. If we hadn't assumed. If we had made calls, if we'd sat down and talked everything through, if we hadn't just stubbornly pushed through all the reasons not to go in the first place. We put in tons of preparation and time on some things, and just figured the rest would fall into place, but nope.

So after that whole adventure, all the hours of work, all the excitement about our awesome snowmobile jobs and getting back to the mountains again, all the traveling-- we're right back in the place we started.

And honestly? I have totally mixed feelings. On one hand, I love my house and my little acreage and it's so nice to be here at home... but on the other hand, I miss the guides and the bustle and the mountains. On one hand, we don't have to have a new doctor for our little baby and we don't have to get settled into a new apartment... but we also don't get to meet all the people and spend time with our brother and his dear and we just don't get to be there.

I have no idea why God's plan for us didn't include Colorado this year.

I really wanted it to.

I have to trust that (again, as always) God's plan is better and I'm trying to find the speckled goats in all of this- and silver lining hasn't been that hard to find. Christmas with our families, getting to go to our church, finishing up house projects that had to be put on hold...

But still. I'm disappointed.

In any case, that's our big new year update- and while I'm not 100% on exactly what the plan is here, I'm ready to start this new year with a grateful heart and an obedient spirit.

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  1. It is always difficult when our plans don't coincide with God's plans! However, His plans are always better for us then our plans. I'm sorry your anticipated trip to Colorado wasn't included in His plans for you, especially after you had invested so much time and effort in making it! I'm looking forward to hearing about His plans for you this year.