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Blessings this Week: 09.08.2017 Edition

And just like that, it's September.

Summer is definitely changing to fall, and I know that pretty soon, our Iowa landscape will be changing, too- the corn that grew into hedges will soon be gone and the views will suddenly open up again to miles and miles of sky.

It's the one thing we can count on, it seems- this change.

And it feels like there are so many changes coming and so quickly, and I don't feel at all prepared.

It won't be long until our house gets a new roof, it won't be long until we're holding our baby in our arms, it won't be long until we're packing up to move back to Colorado, it won't be long until we're incredibly busy again with snowmobiles and phone calls.

But for now, I'm trying to be here. To enjoy the blessings of this moment, before everything changes and new blessings come.

...   ...   ...

Sunsets and windmills. 

...   ...   ...

There have been hawks everywhere for the past few weeks- I see them as I drive home, as I walk the dog, in the trees in our grove. I know they're hunting field mice (and I'm so grateful for that!), but they look so graceful as they glide, like a dance. 

(Oh, and I saw one hawk flying with a snake in its beak the other day- pretty neat to see)

...   ...   ...

While Trevor's working on the heavy stuff (like moving piles of gravel and measuring roof lines and hooking up a washer and dryer), I've been doing little projects around the house, too. 

Like decorating above the kitchen cabinets, finally weeding my little flower garden, and cleaning antlers to put by the fireplace. 

Those little tiny changes make a difference, and they make me happy.

...   ...   ...

This happy dog who's always ready for a walk (and a treat- which is how I got him to "smile" for this picture). 

...   ...   ...

(Because I missed the pictures from last week...) - 30 weeks pregnant, and...

31 weeks. 

Baby is coming so soon! We had a bit of a surprise shower with some dear ladies I know from Camp- they brought toys and books and blankets, and a very cute burp rag big enough for Trevor's burly shoulders (he was a good sport modeling it for all us giggling girls!). We're so blessed by these ladies who love us so well. 

Our little baby doesn't feel near so little anymore- I can feel him pressing on me all the time now, and it's fun to be able to watch him move as well as feel him. Just another change that means we're getting closer to meeting our little one!

Have a wonderful weekend, and count the blessings!

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  1. OH Ally... You look SO beautiful! I'm so thrilled to watch your baby grow.

  2. You positively glow!!! I love feeling/watching my babies move all over the place when I was pregnant...miss that still and they are older than you! Such a blessing to enjoy each day that the Lord has given to us.