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How Should a Christian Vote? : part 3

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"It's just ridiculous," she said, exasperation lacing her voice. "It's choosing the lesser of two evils, at this point. I'm seriously thinking about not even going to the polls this year. "

Besides the "moving to Canada" thing, this is the most common feeling I've heard expressed in my (admittedly limited) circle of influence.

And in my opinion, it's pretty sad.

It's no secret that the two major party candidates this election year aren't very popular. There really doesn't seem to be a clear cut "right" choice for president- and that can feel overwhelming.

But I don't think that not voting is the answer.

The fact that we can vote in the first place is kind of a miracle. In the United States, we've been given an opportunity to be a part of our government through the election process- a chance to enact change in our country.

As Christians, we're to be a people marked by our attitude. Just in case you're not sick of me telling you how to vote in parts 1 and 2, I'll submit another suggestion.

Vote with Gratitude

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Oh, yes.

Be thankful- for the opportunity to vote, for the freedom to speak about the issues in our government, for the men and women who died to bring us the rights that we have.

Be thankful. 

An attitude of gratitude, coupled with the knowledge of who we really are and where we really live, is what will allow us to vote well in this rather confusing election.

Being grateful for the chance to vote helps me to not take it for granted. It requires me to ask hard questions, do my research, pray about this decision. With freedom comes responsibility- and this gift of freedom comes with the responsibility to add my voice to this upcoming election.

Being grateful for the people who have opinions different than mine allows me to seek to understand instead of fight to be right. And it reminds me that even when I disagree with them, we are one in Christ.

Being grateful for this country reminds me to pray for those who have governments that restrict freedoms- who aren't able to worship as they choose, who aren't able to get involved, who are starving because of decisions their leaders have made. At the same time, it also spurs me to pray for continued freedom here in this place, and for who I will vote for- whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or a third party candidate.

I will not tell you who to vote for (in part, because as I type this, I'm still not sure who I will be voting for, myself!), but I do want to challenge you, as well as I challenge myself, as one in Christ, to vote the way a Christian should vote. With gratitude, with hope, with unity.

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  1. So, true. This is a tough time in our country with two candidates on such opposites sides of the spectrum whose choices and ideas concern every Christian. The only answer is to pray that God lead us on how to make the choice and then to pray fervently for that future president. God is the only one that can change them.

  2. You have yet to disappoint once again! This is actually convicting because I do not feel thankful because who I am voting for, I am being put down for and attacked because I am not following the two party system. there is nothing thankful for that but you made me think, there is. I am thankful that even though the two party system reigns there are other options. Only in this country I am allowed to do that. Sharing this and leaving feeling very challenged.