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How Should a Christian Vote? : part 1

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Within five minutes of logging in to Facebook, I'm ready to curl up in a big fuzzy blanket and hide away for a while. Like, until Christmas.

Scrolling through my  newsfeed wears me out and makes me sad. The wealth of information out there makes my soul feel poor. The world feels so... hopeless.

I'm not sure if you noticed, (ha), but there's a presidential election coming up.

It feels... different, doesn't it?

I am old enough to remember several presidential elections, and old enough to have voted in a few, but still... this election seems different.

For one thing, both of the major party candidates are totally despised by a significant portion of the population. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two of the most controversial candidates of all time- complete opposites in terms of policy in almost every way. Apparently, no matter who is elected, about half of the population will be moving to Canada.

If you listen to what the news has to say, you'll be convinced that Donald Trump as a president will be the end of our country and civilization as we know it. Of course, if you listen to another news channel, the same can be said for Hillary Clinton. Oh, and if you're considering voting third party, your vote won't count anyway and somehow you're helping this side or the other.

No matter what, it's all doom and gloom.

I think that's the difference- this election, everything is ruled by fear. And let's be honest, fear sells.

Our news cycles are filled with fear- fear that we're being lied to, fear that every other country will decide to bomb us, fear of taxes and poverty and social reform changes. Fear rules this land and confuses our decisions and makes us even more vulnerable to the attacks of the Enemy.

So what's a Christian to do?

Honestly, I have no idea who I'm voting for in November. I still need to take the time to pray more, search my conscience, and do some more research.

But one thing I do know is that as a Christian, my response to this election must first and foremost reflect who I really am.

Who am I? 

I am one in whom Christ dwells.
I'm loved by a God who is deeply interested and involved in my life, and He knows what I need.

Where do I live?

I live in the unshakable Kingdom of God. 

Geographically, I live in the USA.

But in Truth? I live in the Kingdom of God. 

Governments and countries fall. It happened to Israel time and time again- defeated, exiled, scattered- the Old Testament is full of history of the destruction of Israel- the people that God Himself called "chosen."As Americans, we have been lulled into the belief that our country should be indestructible- but the Bible says that all things (all! earthly! things!) will eventually be destroyed.

But it's okay-- because really, I live in the Kingdom.

So, as a Christian, how do I vote in this election, in light of who I am?

Vote with Hope

Yeah, okay, things may not look great politically. Yeah, each of our presidential candidates could be a total disaster.

But we have to vote with hope. We have to believe that God will take care of us, that He knows what's best for us, that even in the hard stuff, He is in control.

God promises to use governments for our good - whether it looks good to us or not. He uses bad guys and He uses good guys for His purposes. He's got this.

We're part of this country, but our eternal citizenship is in God's Kingdom.

No amount of political turmoil, no elected official, no monarchy or democracy or anarchy can change that. It's unshakable. It's always here. I'm never alone, never cast out, never need to fear the future, because I live in God's Kingdom.

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  1. Vote with hope that my trust is in HIM! Amen!

  2. So Ally, gonna be honest with you. I was afraid that this was going to be another post on how I as a Christian needs to vote for Donald Trump because he is the lesser of two evils. But you proved me wrong! This is the best post I have read out there concerning this topic. Vote with hope. That should be a bumper sticker! #16 at #tellhisstory

  3. Amen. This is so true: "But we have to vote with hope. We have to believe that God will take care of us, that He knows what's best for us, that even in the hard stuff, He is in control." It's discouraging to see so many Christians who are despairing, as if an elected official will be able to steal our joy. Christ's love and protection is so much bigger than that. Yes, we have great reasons to stay hopeful. Thanks for sharing this, Ally.

  4. Your words remind us of faith and hope--as a part of God's kingdom. He is sovereign. Our role is to be in prayer, shining a light of faith. And we vote with confidence in God's sovereignty. Your post is an encouragement in this season.

  5. I'm glad you're blogging about the election. Too many Christians are hope-less this time around.

    1. I kind of second-guessed it, to be honest. There are so many voices (and so many very loud ones!) talking about politics right now that I didn't know that my little voice needed to be added to the din.

      I'm glad that you were encouraged by it, friend!

  6. This is such a good word, friend. You're exactly right - fear abounds on both sides of this election, and it saddens me to see so many believers succumbing to it. As Christians, we don't have to fear! We're free to vote based on better criteria, and I'm so thankful. I'm glad you shared this with us at Grace & Truth!

    1. You've got it-- we get to vote based not on fear-- because God has not given us a spirit of fear but power and love and a sound mind!

  7. Fear does some crazy things; this election is proof. Because God is in control, I'm not worried. He is going to put the one in office that He wants there. BUT, I'm still praying about who that person is. Thanks for this "different" how to vote post. Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays. I hope to see you again this week.

    1. Yes, yes- if fear was going to show it's power, this is the time of year that shows just what it can do.

      You're right- we know that God's in control, but we still have the responsibility to pray (and pray hard!) about who our next president will be- who we each should vote for, for His will to be done through the candidates, and for each candidate themselves! I'm glad that you were encouraged by this post-- thanks for stopping by!

  8. This is a GREAT post. I just taught a women's Bible study this morning wrestling over the same issues. Christians have differences of opinion on how our principles should inform our consciences in this matter. But we don't handle matters of conscience by focusing on what might happen if we "do" or "don't". I am responsible for my own choice. I am not morally responsible for the choices of millions of other voters or for the choices of other candidates I didn't support.