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Favorite Links This Summer

It's no secret that I like blogs.

I read 'em, I share 'em... and it was reading the blogs of other people that got me started writing my own. Because I like blogs.

Working in an office (in front of a computer) means that I have the unique opportunity to fill my coffee break and lunch break with reading blog posts, and this summer has been full of great ones.

And I wanna share them with you!

God's Been Speaking to my Heart Through...

When Loving Jesus More Means Loving Ministry Less : as my summer ramped way up and busy made me a little crazy, these were the words I so needed to hear.

Great quote- "sometimes the Jesus factor is used to sweeten the service, effectively covering the toxins of too much. It causes us to take on more, do more, bend more, go too far, and take on risks – because, after all, it’s all about Jesus, right?"

Learning the Unforced Rhythms of Grace : a call to rest, and following Jesus's lead in finding that rest. So needed.

Great quote- "...in actuality, nothing is ultimately up to me. It’s all up to God. And He doesn’t need my exhausted, frenzied help to accomplish His purposes."

Martha, Martha, It's Been You All Along : a reminder that even when we get distracted and worry about the wrong things, we're still so beloved.

Great quote- "So for many years I’ve done my best to convince myself that I’m Mary. Over and over. Oh, but we ALL know. There’s no freaking way."

When Above All the Noise, You Just Need to Hear the Sound of Radical Grace : oh, Ann and your long post titles. A good reminder of what we all need.

Made Me Ugly Cry

Loving Luke: A Life Counted in Minutes : a soul-deep testimony of losing a little one far too soon. Tissues, on this one.

Made Me Laugh

Your Marriage Doesn't Have to Look Like Everyone Else's : a great point, and also hilarious. Best of both worlds.

Great quote- "The first time my car needed to go into the shop, I looked at Alex like, 'You best get on that,' and he looked at me like, 'It’s your car, so . . '"

Made Me Think

Mike Rowe: To Be Successful, Don't Fear the Dirty Work : from one of my favorite dirty guys, a nod to manual labor jobs

How Each Myers-Briggs Type Reacts to Stress : you can't imagine how freeing this was to me. I've been feeling like I get stressed about things that aren't a big deal to anyone else... and this is why. Because I'm an ESFJ. (Notice that one of my tips is to simply be removed from the situation. That means I get to go on vacation, right?)

What have you been reading (online or off)?

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  1. mostly stuff on my IPod.... :)

  2. Great lost Ally. I especially like your first one. "When Loving Jesus more means loving ministry Less." Yes!!

  3. I read the Myers-Briggs link, and as usual, it is very accurate even though my type has changed throughout the years.

  4. Love the roundup! Looks like a great list :)

  5. awesome list! thanks for sharing with us. will check a few out!